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  1. I'm getting about 21 MPG over 11k miles using premium fuel on a 6.2 liter. I use the the Road Trip app to record my fill ups/mileage.
  2. Delete....sorry i posted to the wrong thread.
  3. I see you're from Ajax, I'm next door to you. Checkout Canadian Tire or Sunoco. It's my understanding their premuim gas is ethanol free.
  4. Not misleading...It's 'not rated for winter use' and in some provinces in Canada you would be breaking the law if you didn't have 'winter tires'. M+S tires are not rated as winter tires. Official pictogram for winter tires Since December 15, 2014, only tires on which this pictogram is found and studded tires are considered winter tires under the Highway Safety Code.
  5. You probably already know this but this tire is an all season tire and is not rated for winter use. Otherwise it's rated as an excellent tire from any research that I've done and would consider it when my bridgestones wear out. NOTE: The Defender LTX M/S Highway All-Season tire is NOT a dedicated winter / snow tire. It does NOT meet the severe snow traction requirements and is NOT branded with the three-peak mountain/snowflake symbol (3PMSF).
  6. How are they on icy roads? I've had Michelin x-ice on my previous trucks and they are excellent on icy roads.
  7. From the manual.... Before Driving Off-Road Remove any underbody air deflector, if equipped. Re-attach the air deflector after off-road driving. To gain more ground clearance if needed, it may be necessary to remove the front fascia lower air dam. However, driving without the air dam reduces fuel economy. Caution Operating the vehicle for extended periods without the front fascia lower air dam installed can cause improper airflow to the engine. Reattach the front fascia air dam after off-road driving.
  8. My best ...25 MPG over 250 miles, hand calculated. Average speed probably in the 65-70 MPH area. 6.2 liter engine.
  9. Best reading was about 25 mpg US/ 30 mpg CDN on a 250 mile trip. Average over 7500 miles is 20.5. All numbers are hand calculated. I use the Road Trip app on my iphone.
  10. I've had both, a 2014 5.3 and now a 2017 6.2. US MPG averages are 17.5 MPG on the 5.3 over 18,000 miles, 20.3 MPG over 6,000 miles on the 6.2. All averages are hand calculated. So for me the 6.2 is about 15% better on fuel mileage compared to the 5.3. So the only downside is the cost of the engine which for me was about $2k. YMMV
  11. Live dangerous. Press the blue button, it won't bite! See where it takes you.
  12. Just a cautionary note. The manual states you should not tow a trailer during the breakin period (first 500 miles).
  13. It also has the 4WD indicator. The only reason I use it is when I'm in 4WD as a reminder to me to be sure that I take it out of 4WD when I no longer need it.

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