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  1. Balance transfer card

    Any recommendations for balance transfer? Have a card with high interest. Looking for something I'd get approved with me decent credit.
  2. 2000 Silverado 1500 4wd ext cab. 105k. Newer tires. Clean interior, moderate rust above wheel wells & rockers. $5000. Fair?
  3. best way to pay off credit card debt

    So I checked out the discover personal loan website that one of you mentioned. I'm assuming it is just the discover credit card company that does personal loans? I have never heard of such a thing until someone mentioned it here. I thought you had to go to a bank for this? I had looked into a personal loan at one of my local banks but the max term was 36 months which would have put my monthly payment pretty high. The discover personal loan sounded like they can go more than 36 months which is appealing to me because I would like a little bit of a lower minimum monthly payment, even though I plan on making much more than the monthly payment, you never know there may be a month or two where money is tight that it would be nice to have a lower min. payment. Has anyone here ever done one of these loans? What is the catch? It seems too good to be true.
  4. best way to pay off credit card debt

    What is a discover personal loan? Also my highest card has $7k on it with high interest like 22 -25 percent. Even if I did a balance transfer on that one with lets say 0 percent 18 mos, even if I wasn't able to pay off the entire $7k in 18 mos but got a good chunk taken care of, wouldnt i still be better off even if the card went to high interest after 18 mos? Also would you recommend transferring all of the $15k to balance transfer or would the minimum payment be outrageous?
  5. best way to pay off credit card debt

  6. best way to pay off credit card debt

    Due to some unexpected circumstances and financial mistakes, have about $15-20k total on about 4 cards. This amount and problem seems to be somewhat commom but i do not like the feeling. Want to get these taken care of as quick as possible. Any advice on doing this? Personal loan? Balance transfer? Debt settlement? I am open to any suggestions.
  7. Any idea of cost for building the 4.8 to 383?
  8. Looking around for used trucks. Found a few good deals, a couple with the 4.8. Is there any significant disadvantages or advantages vs the 5.3? Any model yrs to avoid? Any easy cheap mods to get more power? Will be used for daily driver with some ooccasional towing. Hauling wood, 4 wheeler & possibly smaller camper.
  9. building new home

    I am definitely not opposed to the above. My main concern is finding an affordable way to finance these updates. Any suggestions? We are talking $50,000 in updates on top of a $150,000 mortgage payment.
  10. building new home

    Ideally I would like to go with a simple two story. Kitchen, dining, living, bathroom and master bedroom (possibly master bath depending on space/price) all on main. Two bedrooms up & possibly bathroom. Basement unfinished. Laundry either on main or basement. At least 24x24 detached garage. Then in future finish basement myself to add rec room etc. Maybe I wouldnt need as much room as I think? Id like all bedrooms decent size 12x12 maybe less? And kitchen dining living all good size.
  11. building new home

    Not looking good for my 200k budget. Unless skip the two story and go with a 1300-1400 sq ft ranch and finish the basement on my own time. Still doesn't leave much for garage, landscaping, overages etc. How do average income people do it? Might have to look at buying an existing property I guess
  12. building new home

    $125 per sq ft even for two story?
  13. building new home

    Looking at possibly building. Located in midwest. Would be hooked up to city utilities/water. Is it unrealistic to think a two story 1600-2000 sq ft home with poured basement and two car attached garage can be built under $200k all costs included? Nothing extravagant, just a square two story with detached 24x24 garage and maybe a front porch
  14. White 07 nbs Silverado 1500 ext cab 4wd work truck trim. One owner 35k with western plow for $18,500. Sound like a good deal or not so much? From looks of it little to no rust well taken care of one owner used by dealer for lot plowing
  15. pole built garage

    Also for the exterior I have been contemplating a few options. 1. Paint the existing metal and call it good. It is in good shape besides a panel or two that is ripped or dented. 2. Put new metal on and possibly use the current metal as a liner for the inside which I would end up painting white anyways. 3. Reside with vinyl and shingle roof. It would then match the home beings it is more of a residential detached garage.

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