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    2014 4x4 Silverado Z71 2LT Deep Ruby Metallic
  1. Ok, first let me say that I have had nothing but trouble out of my last three 2014 Silverado’s. Haven’t driven anything but Chevy trucks for over 20 years. But last week I changed over to a different brand. Now don’t get overly concerned about the vibration or “shakes” everyone talks about. A very large part of guys complaints are due to shitty oem tires and even wheels sometimes. Dont judge your vibe problem by how much your water bottle shakes in the console!!! Just put a bottle of water in your console and “barely “ tap on the console and guess what??? First thing... tire psi makes all the difference in the world. Wheel size makes a big difference! These fully boxed truck frames are stiff. It is a TRUCK. Not a Prius. It should ride like a truck. Just like me, you probably paid 50 grand for your truck. Guess what. It’s gonna ride like a 25 grand truck. Paying for “fluff” doesn’t make it ride like a Lexus. Good news is, your stiff, vibrating TRUCK will “truck”(verb) about anything you could throw at it. Just get some good tires and a good balance job and for God’s sake don’t throw mud tires on it ‘cause they look cool. Get the tire and shock pkg YOU need and not what is “cool” at the time and you won’t regret it. Me , I am watching and waiting on the the next gen trucks and hoping that they are not “fugly” as hell. I absolutely loved the look of my ‘14 Z71 and miss it a lot but I had a lot of issues after I tuned and modded it so I punted it off. But hope to be in another Silvy in a year or two. BTW way, I traded my truck for a.....don’t hate me...Dodge Durango R/T Brass Monkey AWD with the Hemi 5.7 V8. Man what a toy!!! Lots of fun and comfort and utility. But it ain’t a Chevy truck. Right? Good luck and for Gods sake stop reading the “shake and vibe “ threads. It will convince you that you have an issue when it’s really just the nature of owning a machine that is built tough, stiff, and powerful enough to well... be a TRUCK. Scott
  2. Is Waxing Necessary?

    Haha... he's like me. He was hoping for a different awnser. I just dont have it in me anymoe for all that work. I just drive 'em thru the Automatic wash. Six bucks and no fuss.
  3. Haha... just kidding about the VW. Missed the sarcasm. They build those emissions cheating pieces of crap here in my hometown, city gives them all kinds of sweetheart deals. They took over the local community college for training only their employees. Screwing up traffic...etc,etc...let's just say I am NOT a VW fan. I get your point but what would you do? Buy a fourth lemon or opt for a change of scenery?
  4. Also... thanks for your comments guys. I can't "like" them from my phone. That's why I'm gonna stay on this forum even though I'm a traitor at the moment. Just a good group of people. Keeping my fingers crossed for 2019/20 the Silverado.
  5. Bullshark, you hit the nail on the head. I was driven into the arms of another mistress. I had a love/hate with my last three "current" generation trucks. Last week I took my Z71 in for repairs and recalls(4 of 'em) and when I got my truck back the steering wheel was about an inch off center from where they replaced the whole electric rack and pinion and did an obviously poor front end alignment and it was just something every day. So I drove the truck to a drive thru 6 dollar car wash, took it home and cleaned it out, and drove it straight to the Dodge dealership and bought the Durango off the show room floor. Now we're talking about a 2014 with only 20k miles on it. I bought three 2014's within two years. All three were nothing but trouble. It was like lovin' a woman that's always cheating on you. I really hope this Dodge doesn't disappoint down the line, but I feel like I just come up for air. This thing is just fun to drive. If it starts falling apart. ?... they build the new VW's here in Chattanooga. I'll just try one of those. Lol
  6. I have to admit, I don't know crap about any Dodge products post the 70's. Anyone know what the hell a "Brass Monkey " is? Lol I just realized that I have to haul off an old mattress and box springs this wk end. Oops I was just told that Diablew also tunes these things. Hell yeah! If true. Had a Blackbear on the Z71 and loved it. The Durango has a Sport mode that really feels like a "sport" mode. The transmission tuning is spot on in both normal and sport mode. It's just fun to drive. It just "feels" great. If the next gen GM twins felt this good I swear I would buy two of 'em on day one. I'm still a GM guy but this little Monster makes me feel like I'm doing something a little....dirty.lol
  7. Fool me once....twice....three....,I bought 7 new Silvy's in just the last 10 years alone. More before that and I absolutely loved every one except for the last three. Two buybacks out of the last three. I mean it hurt to throw away my Chevy cap at the dealership and put on a Mopar hat but the General just ain't cutting it at the moment. Funny how that new leather smell makes everything better.
  8. Man, this little Monster is a BLAST to drive!!! Until you go to stop. I think I need bigger brakes.lol
  9. Hey, sorry it took soooo long to get back to you. I had to have a few surgries. Anyway the clicking is the electric rack and pinion. The dealer had to replace the entire thing. Anyway the Truck is gone. Tired of GMs crappy product and service. Went to the dark side and bought a Dodge AWD Hemi Durango. Love it. I just wish GM would get their act together. Good luck.
  10. Well guys, after driving nothing but Silverados for over 20 years I just couldnt go on with the love/hate relationship I have had with my last three 2014's. I was gonna' try and stick it out and buy a 2019 when they come out but fear it would be just more of the same. Such a shame because this was the first forum that I had ever joined and I really learned a lot and also got to help a lot guys and gals with help when I could. What a great comunity of people. I'm shure I will check back in later. So...... for the good news. I traded the Z71 for a 2018 DURANGO R/T BRASS MONKEY AWD with the 5.7 Hemi V8. Cannot belive the crisp, snappy performance of this thing! No AWD burnouts yet. Gonna' break it in a little first. This is actually the first truck I've ever bought off the show room floor, it was only off the truck for a few days and was talk of the dealership along with a new Hellcat parked right next to it. I have to say, I am VERY impressed with the fit, finish, and performance. Some of the features, three row Katskin leather with R/T logo, AWD, 10 speaker Beats sound, and about every other option other than a sun roof. I will try to post a few pics below. I do have to say that Chrystler/Dodge gave me over 5,000 bucks more for my trade in than any one else. Just sayin' in case anyone else wants to come to the Dark Side.lol
  11. I've had same problem since December. Still unresolved and getting worse. I'm just gonna take it to the dealer and let them put it back to stock. Tired of dealing with it. Plus I think I have a bad ball joint with the aluminum (non serviceable) control arms. Some guys say it's something to do with the top spacer. IDK?
  12. I had a sprint booster before my Blackbear tune. It worked pretty well but no one believed me at the time because it was a pretty new product. It's just a shame that GM won't give us a choice of economy, sport, and towing control on these new vehicles. Hell I think I even had it on an old Saturn sedan I had around the late 90's.
  13. Looks like I'm in the minority. I prefer the look of the black door handles, grille and mirror caps. I just think the '14/15 Z71's in LT trim level look good with the flat black trim. It probably has a little to do with the "texture" also. And if you think about it, it's 'kinda the end an era with probably the last of the double stacked head lights and lack of LED daytime running lights on the '14's. Funny thing though, I just can't get into the "black wheels" theme. I think I'm the only guy in town that still likes the OEM Z71 wheels.

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