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  1. Thanks man I appreciate it! All my trucks have been Z71's, so when I got to the dealer and realized that the bed stickers are now a $100 option (not sure but I think that's for GMC's only) I was little ticked off. I will say now though that it's grown on me not having them. Also don't understand why the GMC's don't have the Z71 logo in the dash cluster. The Toyo's are pretty much flush with the fenders. I don't really like the look of big mud flaps so I didn't want a tire that stuck out and that would totally destroy my rocker panels. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. 2014 GMC Sierra SLE Z71 Upgrades l have installed: Window tint Magnaflow dual exhaust 2.5" RC Leveling kit. Front only 275/70/R18 Toyo Open Country
  3. Kevin Pruitt


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