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  1. Bugs

    Yep, my paint and body guy told me about the dryer sheets. Works like a charm with very little scrubbing
  2. Just curious, but was that really that important that it made you want to revive a thread thats over a year old?
  3. I did the upgrade back in December/January and still haven't gotten any updated pictures. I'm slacking!!
  4. These updated part numbers are correct! Don't forget, for anyone upgrading to the OEM mirrors, you'll need two extra nuts for the 4th bolt you'll have to drill for. Part number 25601643
  5. These part numbers have been updated twice. The new part numbers are 84041609 (Driver) and 84041611 (Passenger)
  6. This member added the 1AAuto mirrors and posted several good videos and a lot of information on them and the installation. http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/190228-new-2014-aftermarket-tow-mirrors/
  7. Same with my 2016 All Terrain. Full feature mirrors from the factory, swapped to the above listed mirrors and harnesses and they work flawlessly with no recalibration.
  8. I got like 300.00 for mine after being on craigslist for almost 3 months. And mine only had 800 miles on them.
  9. I had painted bumpers on my 2014 and i DID have the steps and a brake controller. Maybe you couldn't get the steps on a painted bumper on a double cab or something. OP, looking forward to seeing how its gonna turn out.
  10. Unfortunately, I don't have an answer for that. I was in the same boat as 6.2Midnight, just frustrated because I wanted to be 100% sure that I was getting the right mirrors. I went through tons of threads and every time I thought I had the right part number, i'd read another thread and someone would list different numbers. After talking to 15HDriver, who I believe works at a dealership, he told me there had been several part number updates on the mirrors themselves. So after talking to him and to 15GMCSLT, I ordered the part numbers that I listed a few posts back. They are the OEM chrome towing mirrors with these WORKING options Power adjust Power Fold Reverse Tilt Heated Memory Amber running light Turn signals LED reverse/cargo light The only features that I LOST, which ISN'T AVAILABLE on the towing mirrors is Auto dimming Puddle lamp I've read a few posts that said you have to have some type of programming/reprogramming in order to make the memory seat option work, but I had none at all and everything works just fine. Now that could possibly be true on a LT or SLE truck, but as far as my fully loaded All Terrain goes, there was no programming needed.
  11. Left Mirror-84041609 Left Harness-23342727 Right Mirror-84041611 Right Harness-23342716 These are the FULL FEATURE mirrors. You'll also need two nuts for the 4th OEM tow mirror bolt that you'll have to drill for. Part #25601643 15GMCSLT and myself put these on our trucks within a few days of each other, and i'm happy to report that all the features work as they should with NO programming/reprogramming from the dealer. 100% plug n play once you swap the harness.
  12. When I was shopping for lifts, it seemed as if more people were suggesting BDS over every other system available. I figured that had to be for good reason, so once I had decided on BDS, I spoke with my local off road shop about which kit. He said that I would be more than happy with the ride quality of the base BDS 6" lift. He then mentioned I could upgrade the rear to Fox shocks, but then when I asked about the front he said there was no upgrade unless I went with the Fox coilovers. Well, me being as OCD as I am didn't want to run two different types of shocks on the front and rear, so I went with the coilover option. He tried to talk me out of it even though it was a little more money in his pocket. But, I went with them anyways. He said they were over kill for the little off roading I would be doing, and maybe he's right, but I don't regret the decision one single bit, cuz mine rides like a dream. But according to my installer, you won't regret the base kit one bit either. He said every customer that they've sold the base BDS kit to has been extremely pleased with it.

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