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  1. Radar .. My Bell has that connector . Escort and Bell are owned by the same company so like it was mentioned about it could of been a escort too.
  2. 2014 Z71 ... Call him "Z"
  3. Me too . It was 1,500 (6 year 72,000)when I bought the truck and now they want 2,000. I get letters in the mail not sure why when I already have it . My warranty has already paid for itself after 1 year .
  4. Yep.. Not much to see . All the test mules have been covered up pretty good . I did see a article and video where someone ran up to a test mule at a redlight and put a magnet on the bed of the truck . It's says it was steel 🤔
  5. I have had many issues with my truck .. blower motor ... 4 wheel drive issues ... etc .. Just since my extended warranty kicked it in I had the radiator replaced ..4 wheel drive module .. New front calipers and rotors and a new crack shaft seal .. The warranty has already paid for itself .
  6. I have a 2014 with 2 years left on the extended warranty so I am going to wait to see what the 19's look like before I do anything . There prolly won't be any rebates when the 19's first come out so if money is a issue you might want to get a 18 . I am sure there would a ton of rebates on those . My own 2 cents I can't see me buying a 18 because it's not much different than my 14 . Except for the front end change and a few more minor things .
  7. Thanks ! I think there is a thread here somewhere about what we want the next generation trucks to have ?? Think it's time to add your lit up Z71 cluster !!
  8. Looks good !! I have a 2014 Z71 and I think all the time how much better it would look lit up . Does anyone know if it lights up in the 16 and 17's ?
  9. You probably would get more rebates on a 18 then the new 19's . I remember when the 14's came out there was hardly any rebates until the end of the model year . Hopefully we will know more about the 19's come this fall . Not much is known yet about these new trucks .
  10. 2019 spy shots

    The headlights look like a updated 2003 Silverado (Avalanche) design ??
  11. Anyone have a Z71 cluster that lights up? My 2014 doesn't .
  12. I get that static noice every so often when I open the door. It happens once every couple of months . Seems like a lot of these minor issues never get fixed if 2016s are doing it also .
  13. Nice truck Likarok ! So how was it going from a regular cab to a crew ? I have a regular cab and not sure what cab configuration I want for my next truck . I know having a back seat is a plus but anything else you like or don't like compared to the regular cab ?
  14. I never will get a drop in liner again . I have a Speedliner in my 2014. . The spray in's are durable and the part I like is I don't have to worry about things sliding all around . I believe it is a factory option now ??

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