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  1. I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say no.
  2. All V8s have a tranny cooler integrated into the top ~4” of the AC condenser. My temps run 195-205.
  3. Don’t worry. You didn’t break anything. But that’s all she wanted. May I suggest a bulk supplier of gardening supplies in the future? Around here I can get 2k lbs of mulch loaded for about $100. That’s the magic of a truck. Well, that and the ability to get around in winter. Oh, and the inability to park at Kroger without looking like a moron :/
  4. The line set is, as far as I know, the same. The bracket/clamp is simply two pieces of metal that span the compressor inlet and outlet to brace them. If that’s the bracket you have, that’s all I know of.
  5. You’ll need a new condenser and an upgraded/modified line set (aka, a couple of hoses with a Chinese manf clamp :/ )
  6. If it’s right at a shift point, it’s likely torq management backing fuel and spark.
  7. Got flashed by a homeless chick just last week. At first I was confused as it appeared as though only her fog lights were on...buuut then I realized, nope, those are the high beams
  8. Spare key aside, why couldn’t you open with Onstar? You should still have keyfob functions available?
  9. If you search a bit you should find a few threads here about this. Fair warning, lots of good and bad advice along with a good bit of hurt feelings.
  10. Need floor jack recommendations

    Here’s my favorite (for the price). Goes super low, lifts quite high, goes deep (there’s a joke in there somewhere), T handle control is nice. Only drawback is it’s kinda heavy. But I haven’t found a job it couldn’t do. Lifts everything I have. My 13 yr old daughter rotated the front tires with it! The long handle is also good for leverage. Not great for tight spots. https://m.harborfreight.com/2-ton-low-profilelong-reach-steel-heavy-duty-floor-jack-with-rapid-pump-60678.html
  11. Man, and I thought MY luck was bad. Sheesh.
  12. Just take the hideous emblem off of the tailgate, stick it to the front/inside of the bed, and spray.
  13. Yeah the key switch is now just an input to the computer which asks it to start the truck. Kinda convenient, but also a little odd feeling for us old guys. Thr max crank timr is buried buried in the manual somewhere, but for some reason I’m thinking it’s like 15 seconds. More info:
  14. Curious myself. I have the same issue. When it happens, the brakes stop functioning until I turn the truck off and back on. Not cool.

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