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  1. The line set is, as far as I know, the same. The bracket/clamp is simply two pieces of metal that span the compressor inlet and outlet to brace them. If that’s the bracket you have, that’s all I know of.
  2. You’ll need a new condenser and an upgraded/modified line set (aka, a couple of hoses with a Chinese manf clamp :/ )
  3. If it’s right at a shift point, it’s likely torq management backing fuel and spark.
  4. Got flashed by a homeless chick just last week. At first I was confused as it appeared as though only her fog lights were on...buuut then I realized, nope, those are the high beams
  5. Spare key aside, why couldn’t you open with Onstar? You should still have keyfob functions available?
  6. If you search a bit you should find a few threads here about this. Fair warning, lots of good and bad advice along with a good bit of hurt feelings.
  7. Need floor jack recommendations

    Here’s my favorite (for the price). Goes super low, lifts quite high, goes deep (there’s a joke in there somewhere), T handle control is nice. Only drawback is it’s kinda heavy. But I haven’t found a job it couldn’t do. Lifts everything I have. My 13 yr old daughter rotated the front tires with it! The long handle is also good for leverage. Not great for tight spots. https://m.harborfreight.com/2-ton-low-profilelong-reach-steel-heavy-duty-floor-jack-with-rapid-pump-60678.html
  8. Man, and I thought MY luck was bad. Sheesh.
  9. Just take the hideous emblem off of the tailgate, stick it to the front/inside of the bed, and spray.
  10. Yeah the key switch is now just an input to the computer which asks it to start the truck. Kinda convenient, but also a little odd feeling for us old guys. Thr max crank timr is buried buried in the manual somewhere, but for some reason I’m thinking it’s like 15 seconds. More info:
  11. Curious myself. I have the same issue. When it happens, the brakes stop functioning until I turn the truck off and back on. Not cool.
  12. Well yes and no. DI allows for higher compression and more advanced timing. So it’s not the DI itself per se, but the DI design.
  13. Around here, premium is roughly +10% more than plus, which doesn’t meet the cost threshold. That said, add in the very obvious performance hit, and it’s a no brainer for me.
  14. Interesting. Where did you find it, or did you have to go online?

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