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  1. Yah PEX would really struggle with the heat and flexibility needs. Just grab some vacuum rated fuel hose.
  2. I did mine in the garage with a rented compressor from Advance. Those springs were definitely all the compressor wanted, and it’s nothing to goof around with as that’s some serious stored energy that certainly can cause serious injury, but it wasn’t hard at all.
  3. This is likely piston slap, and LS based engines are quite prone to it. If it’s excessively loud or doesn’t disappear with temp, then it could be an issue.
  4. Correct, Direct Injection. They all smoke from time to time on startup, especially a cold start (not implying arctic conditions, just a block at room temp). Should be darker in color, very “sooty”, and since it’s derived from fuel not oil, it shouldn’t smell like burned oil.
  5. Perfectly normal for DI engine. They all do. Makes me wonder how we will diagnose valve stem seal issues now?
  6. Same here. I think I got about 1.4" if I recall. And as you can see in Q8's pics, still a noticeable rake which I like. Q8, how do you like the rear sway bar?
  7. Doesn't change the argument, but it was also moved in order to further isolate it from a frontal impact.
  8. Kinda what I was thinking. You've got something plugging up intermittently.
  9. I'm curious to see how GM has addressed the condenser issues compared to how the aftermarket has approached them.
  10. You'll probably be surprised as I was, but the dryer is integrated directly into the condenser. It's the cylindrical header on the driver's side. New condenser already has fresh dessicant installed from factory. As for oil I can't recall, but it's tiny. Like 3.4oz or something.
  11. Well hello there homo-friend!!! Please know that we here at GM-Trucks (not a paid spokesperson) are non-judgemental and rather tolerant of the LGBTQRSTUVWY community and we welcome you here. Idiots who tow space shuttles with Toyotas however...
  12. Yeah, I'm with these guys. As long as you REALLY took it slow and easy, you likely wouldn't straight up break anything. But you would stress EVERYTHING to the absolute max with less than zero margin for error. Plus, liability out the wazoo. If it was in the middle of rural Montana and you didn't mind beating on your ride, may be a different story.

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