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  1. Thanks, I got your emails. Now hopefully things go better at the dealership this time. Last time I brought it up was probably close to a year ago now.
  2. Would anyone be willing to post a link to the thread with all the information on this? I've been trying to search for it but I'm really struggling on my phone. Thanks in advance!
  3. I went with 2.5 level and 285/65/18 to be safe but the tire shop messed up and ordered +1 offset, but I think it looks awesome. It sometimes rubs on the mudflaps when I turn but barely noticeable. I'd think a 295 would fit on a +20, might rub the mudflaps if you have thick mudflaps like me. I tried posting a picture but I can't get it to work from my phone.
  4. Yup I also had this problem. You just have to call onstar and tell them to turn off the demo message. I've had my truck for just over 2 years now and it just randomly started no reason why.
  5. Any other options that won't break the bank that are bigger? I don't really want to be checking daily, maybe weekly.
  6. Where did you buy from? I'm also in Canada and would like to keep my purchases in Canada if possible. You went with the add w1?
  7. I've got a 14 with the heated & cooled leather. Last winter the butt wasn't getting hot, got it fixed under warranty. This winter my back has completely stopped working so I'll be taking it back in. Not impressed with the quality of these heated seats. Truck only has 47xxx kms (23xxx miles)
  8. What are you running for a setup? Pics?
  9. This is the exact tire I want to run with a +20 offset and 2.5 level. I'm just having a hard time pulling the trigger. It's a lot of money to have tied up in rubber if they don't fit/rub.
  10. Anyone???? How about similar sizes in a 17 or 20 inch rim?
  11. Can I run a 295/65r18 with a +20 or +14 offset with no rubbing. Truck has a 2.5 level. Pictures? Thanks in advance!
  12. Okay so I've been sifting through hundreds of posts and I've still got some questions about my specific setup I'm looking at. I will be running a 2.5 RC level and 18" Mavrick wheels. +20 offset Is anyone running 295/65 18 duratrac tires? Will they fit without rubbing? Anyone have pictures of +20 offset vs +14? I have to be careful because the police are anal over tire stick out and I drive a lot of gravel and don't want to destroy the side of my truck. Also I need to be able to keep mudflaps, I will buy kickbacks if I have to although I'd rather keep the ones I have if possible. I would love to see pictures of clearance and how much they stick out of anyone that is running a similar or close to setup. Also another quick question, does anyone know if the 2014's can run the same setup as a 2013 without rubbing or are we limited to a smaller tire?
  13. Borla XR-1

    I've got the 12" oval in place of the stock muffler and flapper, kept the resonator. I really like the sound, I'm considering removing the third cat though because I would like it a tad louder. I can hear it start from inside the house but it idles extremely quite. As far as v4 drone, can't hear it at all except when it's struggling to stay in v4, and even then I barely notice it unless the radio is off.
  14. Love my cc standard bed. I think they look goofy with any shorter of a box and crew cab.

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