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  1. They retorqued the nut and put on Loctite back at 7K. Now at 13K they said they changed the idler arm and put on a new gear and nut. (not sure which gear yet) They said they found a lot of play in the arm and gear. How can that be when one minute everything is tight with no problems driving to Lowes, then when I go to leave the store is when it let go? I’ll get it back today and see what happens.
  2. At 7K mine went. Never had any leaks. They did the retighten and Loctite TSB. All good until this weekend at 13K. Thank goodness I wasn't towing anything. Calling in a few minutes to have them come get it.
  3. ATP trucks and Idaho Rob work with Blackbear for the diesel side which is who I went with as I already had an AutoCal through Blackbear. They do not do delete tunes. Kory Willis does for PPEI and has a very good rep also. Both use EFIlive.
  4. 295/60/20 Toyo, stock wheels, no lift, no rub.
  5. I went by the dealership and asked Friday. They said unless the tire size is in the system then no. So how do they change the lifted trucks with 35"/315s? I know you can use an aftermarket tuner but....
  6. IMG 20160811 093148367

    Cape Point, Hatteras Island
  7. IMG 20160811 092913299 TOP

    Cape Point, Hatteras Island
  8. IMG 20160811 092902424

    Cape Point, Hatteras Island
  9. 295/60/20 Toyos. Look good to me and did great on the beaches of the outer banks.
  10. Correct, no lift, no rub. Had two of them replaced for being out of round. All smooth now. I like them better then the 10 ply Nitto's I had on the 2500 Ram, 10 times better then the BFG ATs.
  11. I picked mine up yesterday afternoon and it's much harder to turn now. I called back today and asked if all they did was unplug the electric assist! Def no play now.
  12. Mine just started Monday @ 8K miles. At the dealership now with about 4" of play.
  13. FYI, mine is in the shop now after 8K with the steering problem. Waiting to see what they say. It went all at once. Other then that just small problems that have all been fixed. Still love the truck and would get it again.
  14. This was years ago with my old 2000 Dodge I got in 99. The stock VP44 had nothing left to give the Mach 7s. As you said, times have changed and I'm building this one with no smoke.

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