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  1. Zachs_Alligator's 2017 Twin Turbo RCSB Silverado build

    Killer build man!
  2. Full Lock's 2004 Avalanche Z71 (beater)

    I got a quote from a buddy thats a painter for a body shop and with me getting the parts, it was $1000 in labor. So I have another friend that's a body man and has a shop at his house that said he would help out. so hopefully I'll be getting that done in the next few weeks when our schedules line up. Damn rust is killin me on this truck. WORKING ON GETTING MY PICS BACK UP
  3. Full Lock's 2004 Avalanche Z71 (beater)

    ^^^ right I've had them in most of my past cars but first time on any of my trucks. Now everything I drive will have SS lines. next im goin to talk to a buddy about helping me replace my rockers.
  4. Full Lock's 2004 Avalanche Z71 (beater)

    ^^^^right after spraying it down with some freeze off it came off yesterday day but it needed to be replaced anyway. The right front was the most challenging because of the way it's routed. After them getting that line in the rest were fairly simple. Replaced the rest of the lines yesterday. It only took hour & half to get the lines in place. Then after just afew hiccups we installed the SS Braided lines Moved on to the rear but had a small issue. So I just reused the banjo bolts that came out of the calipers Compared to Friday, yesterday was a breeze. The truck now has a very sturdy pedal from the SS braided line upgrade & a properly bled system. (Right rear caliper couldn't be bled previous because of the frozen bleeder) and has all new fluid so I couldn't be happier.
  5. Full Lock's 2004 Avalanche Z71 (beater)

    I went down to the shop just to drop my lines off, they were dead so I had a lift all to myself. Every step faught me the whole way. From the spare tire hoist (going To be replaced), to the broken weld on the nut that holds the bolt for the rear gas tank strap, to the rear caliper bleeder that was frozen (replaced the right rear caliper). I couldn't install the SS braided hoses cause the left front hardline was twisting as I was trying to remove it. it was such a tough day. I was too busy today dealing with issues to take more than a few pics. Going back tomorrow and I have the help from my buddy that was a GM tech and another that has done 10 of these installs, so hopefully it should go smoother than today.... don't see how it can't haha. This is what the lines look like at the brake module. What the line looked like when it was finally out of the truck. Where it broke, it didn't make it out in one piece First New line in The truck is drivable now but all the other lines look just as bad as the one that I replaced today so it's really not safe to drive. I got lucky how the incedent went down last week (that's how I'm looking at it don't want it to happen again and may next time it could be at 70-80mph instead of just 35-40). I will hopefully finish up the last 4 front lines and install the SS braided hoses as well. I'll try to get some more pics of the process tomorrow.
  6. Full Lock's 2004 Avalanche Z71 (beater)

    Fun Fun
  7. Full Lock's 2004 Avalanche Z71 (beater)

    No im 4wd it's what I've been using for the past 15 years and never had an issue with the slightly thicker diff fluid
  8. Full Lock's 2004 Avalanche Z71 (beater)

    GM auto trac II for the t-case GM Dex VI for the trans Mobil One 80/90 synthetic for the diff (got a 15gal drum of that at the shop) And DOT4 for the brake fluid
  9. Full Lock's 2004 Avalanche Z71 (beater)

    Oh yeah fresh brake fluid and I'm gonna change the all the drivetrain fluids too
  10. GrumpyGhost Rusty 1999 GMC Sierra Z71 Ongoing build!

    Wow thought mine had some rust. 😜 Keep up the good work. Love seeing people keep bringin back these gmt800s.
  11. Full Lock's 2004 Avalanche Z71 (beater)

    See the other weird thing about my truck by the VIN and the RPO it says the truck should have the JF4 Vacuum Assist brake system. But sometime in the trucks past someone upgraded it to a JL4 hydrolic booster/brake pedal setup. Which is fine with me. It was alittle tough to figure out which hardline kit to get VAC or Hydro. I ultimately decided on a hydro hardline kit cause there are some hard lines that run along the drivers front frame rail from the ABS to the hydro system that are pretty rusty too. I also ordered up a set of stoptech F&R ss braided lines. Figure if I'm gonna do all this work, might as well upgrade
  12. Daryl Z71's 2006 Silverado Z71 Build

    That's what I need to do to mine. Haven't changed it since I've owned the truck 😣 Diff oil IMO gets the most abuse out of all the fluids
  13. Full Lock's 2004 Avalanche Z71 (beater)

    Well yesterday wasn't good. I was driving doin abou 35-40 and this car pulls out and then this lady behind the first car doesn't stop and just follows her out. She pulled out right in front of me like I wasn't even there. I initiated evasive maneuvers jamming on my brakes and swerved around her and just missed her rear bumper by literally inches. I would've plowed her drivers door if I wouldn't have done anything and probably killed her. So I was alittle annoyed then I go another half mile and hit my brakes to turn in to a parking lot and my brakes don't work.... I was like wtf (it's pretty scary when you have no brakes in a auto with a foot e-brake) so I down shifted and carefully stepped on my e-brake and got it safely into the lot. I had a service brake system message on my DIC but didn't see any fluid at first. Kinda puzzled I went in the the store came back out and still no fluid but still no brakes either. So I pumped the brakes a few time heard air from the center of the truck, got out and found this So I called AAA and had it towed to my buddy's shop. I knew it was a hard line above the fuel tank and remembered I had pics from when I pulled the tank down to replace my fuel pump back in September. Here is the area where I believe it broke, I'll get actual pics of the broken line when I get to replacing it Ignore the red circle below, that's where I highlighted my sending unit pissing fuel haha I ordered a GM hardline pipe kit and I will be replacing all the lines that have rust on them. I got real lucky the way it went down going at a low speed. It could've been deadly if it would've broke when I was at highway speeds just 10mins earlier. GMT800 guys check your lines and replace them if they are at all rusty, cause ya never know when they could let go.
  14. Full Lock's 2004 Avalanche Z71 (beater)

    I haven't got to fixing the rattles yet. I'm thinking I'm going to start with replacing the door panel fasteners and possibly some sound deadening material.
  15. Chris' 04 Sierra 1500 Fun Daily Build

    Hell yeah cant wait to see the this thing complete

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