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  1. Good info just something to keep in mind, KR does not always mean there is/was knock. There are scenarios where knock is likely to occur and the engineers add KR as a preventative measure. You can prevent knock with much less timing retard than it takes to remove it once episode already begun.
  2. Do you have anything to support that? These engines don't require as advanced timing due to more efficient burn.
  3. Direct injection. High compression isn't as much of a worry
  4. What's the mpg on the sticker? I'm actually surprised how good these goodyears are. I agree the michelins are the best tho.
  5. 2014 5.3 headers?

    Long tubes or bust. There's so much room in the full size truck even making the exhaust work isn't much of a job. Try doing it on a fbody. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. 2014 Silverado Chrome Z71 grille

    I'll pick this up
  7. 2014+ Gas Mileage (MPG) Topic

    impressive for sure. if you don't speed with these things, they are unbelievable.
  8. Any news on new powertrains

    My neighbors newer navigator just blew its engine at 120000 miles. Never towed or anything. Pretty sad if you ask me. My daily is a '14 mustang 5.0 and it's pretty alarming. I will say fords engines don't compare to GMs ecotec/lt1 comparing power, reliability, and fuel economy.
  9. Does anyone know where the build date is? There's no date on the door jam stickers Sent from my SCH-I545 using Tapatalk
  10. 2014+ Gas Mileage (MPG) Topic

    4x4 crewcab v6 Regular fuel. Not all highway. Sent from my SCH-I545 using Tapatalk
  11. 2014+ Gas Mileage (MPG) Topic

    is your speedo corrected for the tires?
  12. IMHO at 1200 miles it needs a few wide open throttle pulls.
  13. There is laziness programmed into the pedal of all these '14s for sure. Definitely wait until 1500 miles to judge the v4 activation. I would not mess with the V4 mode strategy as GM has done their homework with that. Who knows if it is durability reasons like the first gen cylinder deactivation. The 25mi pic i posted is NOT real world, just good to see. Although, the 50mi pic i posted on page three is real world. I can easily get 22mpg will driving mixed but have gotten as low as 18.5 on a tank when some aggressive driving was needed, and when all highway its 23.5. I will say when im on the highway it's cruise control all the time on the highway from 40mph roads to 65-70 mph on major highways..

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