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  1. Has anyone had any experience using one of the available screen protectors? Just trying to save the screen for the longterm.
  2. TJay74 You were right on the mark. I got down on my knees and there it was on the VERY lower b pillar. I feel a little stupid once I saw it! Thanks all for your help!
  3. I hope its me. I think it will be a fiasco to get the dealer or GM to replace the label.
  4. I have looked over all four doors, the a b and c pillars, glovebox and even under the hood. No where to be found.
  5. I expected a second label in the same area but there is none to be found. There is a RPO label and a bed trailer label in the glove box. The owners manual says the label I am looking for should be on the b pillar - cant find it anywhere. I guess the next step is back to the dealer.
  6. Hello All, New to this site since my purchase of a 2014 Silverado. I have found a lot of great info and inputs from all at this site. I moved up to this truck from a 2003 Trailblazer and it is used for towing a travel trailer from time to time. My problem is I can not find the weight/tire cert label that should be on the B pillar. There is a tire label attached that shows correct size/pressure and total truck capacity. I would like to find the weight limits per axle like the label on my Trailblazer showed. Am I missing the label?

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