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  1. Back to the dealership again, check engine light came on last night. Truck seems to be running fine so we will see what the lights all about. Now getting irritated as this will be the third time I have to take off work to take this damn truck in!
  2. Finally got my truck back today. They changed the plugs again, all new O2 sensors, new converters, new injectors, new fuel pump, and flushed the entire system again. Truck seems to be running good but still doesn’t feel like it how it did before this whole shit show. So only time will tell...
  3. I’m planning on the 295/60s on some replica snowflake wheels with 1.5” spacers as I’ve read a million posts that it will not rub. Now the 65s I’d think would rub
  4. You could smell the diesel a mile away and the tank company already acknowledged it hence why they already paid the dealer for the first try at fixing it
  5. Just to see what my options were. Truck died on the freeway and stalled in the middle of a busy intersection. my wife went to the gas station and the employee said they had an issue with wrong fuel in the tanks. no the dealer hasn’t contacted me yet about the second time.
  6. My major concern is why can’t the fuel be flushed out? Or will I have to keep going back to the dealer when I have issues on a weekly basis? if the dealer really wanted that next “200k” they wouldn’t have given me my truck back in that condidtion correct? I mean so now who eats that tow bill? The tank company or the dealership? Since they are the ones who said you good to go.... I just don’t want to get ducked on a 45k truck that has 25k miles on it. Just frustrating as the rental I got stuck with is a F150 which I cringe every time I step foot into it.
  7. A full tank went in. My mistake on that as I was told by a mechanic that diesel burns hotter and that would give a higher compression, then causing damage to the rings.
  8. Well they drained the tank and flushed the system and said I was good to go, wel I wasn’t and nearly got killed or injuried. I’ve already called a lawyer and he contacted the tank line but of course they didn’t have anyone of importance to speak to as they were out due to the holiday.
  9. ANd for the record, I’m not trying to be a dick I’m just looking for intelligent opinions. Not what you “think”, looking for facts from guys with this type of expeicence or is a mechanic.
  10. Not true, I’m just pissed they gave me the truck back in that condition. Which I have every right to be as I’ve spent over 200k with them.
  11. Lmao.... it’s also pretty easy to shit in your pants so does that make it right? I mean I use to shit in my pants too so based on your logic this isn’t a big deal.
  12. What does it matter to the dealer if they aren’t paying for it? Don’t just try and do the easiest “fix” and send me on my way with a truck that barely runs. They will get it right if they want to keep my business, as this is the 4th brand new truck I’ve purchased from them before I even turned 35.
  13. It was a BP gas station who had the wrong gas in the tanks, they get their fuel tanks filled by Klemm Tank Lines.

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