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  1. Did you use the metra plug adapters for the speakers or just cut the wires and made your own terminals?
  2. Can you reload the pics? I’d like to see how this all came together as I’m thinking about doing the same this winter.
  3. Ordered my paint and paintable caps. For $25 bucks it’s worth buying the paintable ones over sanding down the textured ones.
  4. My jaw just hit the floor!?! Yup sticking to 20s haha
  5. What was your process and what paint did you use?
  6. What did those tires and rim run ya?
  7. 2014+ truck parts for sale

    Damn, was hoping it was the 2nd generation.
  8. I want those wheels on the Luke Bryan Burban! Just not orange! Wouldn’t match the blue very well haha
  9. 2014+ truck parts for sale

    Interested in the catch can, can post a picture of it. Which model is it?
  10. Did you run the passenger mirror wiring into the drivers door?
  11. You snap any pictures of this by chance?
  12. Yeah the harness that comes with is plug and play for just the mirror adjustment and heat function. But if you want the clearance, turn signal, or backup light to work you gotta do some wiring.

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