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  1. Well??? What did you get? I traded out almost 2 years ago and couldn't be happier...but I keep coming back here checking on this thread in hopes that you guys can find a solution. I know how infuriating and frustrating it can be.
  2. I have been out of my vibrator for a year and a half and drop in every now and then to see what's going on with this issue....sad to see it's more of the same old same old. I loved a lot of things about my Denali but between the vibration and a lifter failing in the first 5K miles I walked to another brand. Sad because I really do like the new GMC trucks but may never buy one again with the way most of us have been treated after dropping this much coin on a rig. Good luck guys and I sincerely hope everyone gets out one way or another....I know how frustrating it can be. Peace!
  3. 22" Dub Future Wheels w/Tires

    I knew I would forget something....Kansas City Missouri.
  4. I have a set of 22" Dub Futures with Bridgestone Dueler AT's in 285/45R22. They are road force balanced and have TPMS from a 2014 GM truck. The tires literally have 2K miles on them. Decided to get rid of the truck so these have to go. I know it's a long shot to find someone semi local....but I prefer not to ship $$$. I will get some more pics of them off the truck here shortly. I am asking $1500...I have over 2K in them. PM with any questions, thanks.
  5. I sincerely wish everyone the best of luck solving their vibe issues. I finally fixed my issue today....and I am very pleased with my decision so far.
  6. I understand completely....life is to short. My best option is to move on. 80% of all my driving is on the highway hence the reason I am not going to live with this. I am done but just need to decide on which direction to go.
  7. This thread makes me sad. I have been test driving new trucks for some time now and sad it has come to that. I test drove a new Ram 2500 w/Cummins and it was flat awesome....that thing, although stiffer, rode smoother on the highway than my truck ever dreamed of. I have never been a fan of ram ( although they have always looked badass leveled ) but made myself test drive one because I was curious about the five link rear end on them. I was flat blown away by the quality of the interior and ride. I hate to jump but am just about to. Best of luck to everyone with this issue, I know exactly how you feel.
  8. NICE! I look forward to hearing your thoughts....please keep us posted.
  9. I hear ya. I can't drive my truck and let me mind wonder. No matter how busy I am in life if I am driving I am just constantly analyzing the vibe and the truck at all times. OCD's a bitch. haha I like the Ram 2500's. I have been talking with the Toyota dealer down the road about a TRD Pro Tundra. I have also kicked around the idea of a 2500 Silverado/Sierra but have read about some vibration problems with them as well and frankly that scares the crap out of me at this point. GM dealers have hit my truck consistently 1K or so higher on trade than other brands in my area but in the grand scheme of things that really isn't that much of a difference. I feel like in my case the Tundra is a safe choice on reliability and resale....but man it just doesn't look as good as what I have now. Could wait for a test drive of a new 16 Sierra but again....scares the crap out of me.
  10. I agree with your thoughts. I have replaced all shocks on my truck and it has helped some but not cured. I have looked at those Sulastic shackles and they really do look like they could work but I am just about done spending money on this thing. I keep looking at new rigs as well....I sure do love the way my truck looks just not in love with driving it on the highway.
  11. I agree. I had read somewhere on this site that the new 16's have redesigned body mounts. Not sure if that's true but sure wouldn't surprise me, seems like a logical thing to do to help fix the vibe issues.
  12. OK..well that is a little shady IMO. They know the game, don't admit anything then you will have to fix it. Have them ride in the back seat with you driving so they can watch the passenger seat dance for them (assuming your passenger seat vibrates like mine does).
  13. Ahhh...I see. Yeah it sucks but look at it like this maybe, since they have admitted a vibe and if it doesn't work they will have no choice to dig deeper into the issue. If it does fix it....well that would be awesome. I would pay good money right now to have a vibe free truck haha. I am keeping my eyes open for a good deal on a new rig and trade mine off. As much as I love what it could be I can't get past the highway ride. Locally the GM dealers are willing to give me more for trade in than other manufactures which is a double edged sword IMO. Not sure what to do.
  14. How many miles on your truck? It was my understanding that the dealer would cover anything tire related up until 7500 miles. On the flip side I would gladly pay $100 or whatever they want if it fixed the problem....I know in principal it's wrong but sanity is worth something.

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