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  1. Ahh, good point. Missed the 6.2 part.
  2. Nice looking truck..As you get used to the power delivery and sound, you'll find the L5P is actually quicker, not slower than the 6.0.
  3. I’d be sure to keep my LML stock and filters clean and a cp4 failure is not likely...that said, agree on the nightmare if it were to fail. I have an L5P now with a completely new fuel system so problem solved..
  4. True story on the 6.0 itself. It’s too bad they don’t make the Allision an option for the 6.0 for those of us who tow more frequently...It will outlast the 6L90 significantly. Our works trucks with the 6.0 have all had transmission failures around the 115 mark.
  5. I’ve had several Duramax trucks through the years including 2 LML’s and now an L5P..No emissions issues with any of them. I use them for short commutes and plowed heavily with my previous 2015..lot’s of idling and short trips. If you read forums you’ll find people that have issues but in reality they are few and far between. If you truly want a Duramax don’t worry about the “issues” as again they are few and far between and no vehicle is immune..The new diesels also have 100,000 mile warranties... By the way, this is not to say the 6.0 is a bad truck, it’s not..in fact it IS the most reliable gas motor you can buy and will take a beating for a LONG time..but if its power you are looking for, hard to beat a Dmax.
  6. I’m gonna tell you what you know you want to hear..buy the Duramax. Even if it’s once a month, you’ll love towing with it and will look forward to the trip. Even when not towing, the Duramax is such an enjoyable truck to drive I doubt you will question the decision. Sometimes you have to just do what you want to do and just accept it might not be the “best” decision from a practically standpoint, you only live once...Then trade it in on the new redesigned version when it comes out
  7. Yes, it is a Denali cluster and it was programmed for my truck. The cluster should come from the same year and configuration. If you contact White Auto and Media they will help out with he actual part number. If he has a 2017 Denali HD, look again..it's the same as mine. It could be he has his screen on a different view option. The Denali cluster gives you the option to change the configuration.
  8. I don’t think that’s the right one. I would contact white auto and media before ordering.
  9. I went with 305/55/20 on mine. No rub stock and wider tire looks much better.
  10. I can’t answer that but he’s good at responding to emails. The GMC’s changed to blue in 2017 so mine matches regardless.
  11. Not according to the 2018 pics Chevrolet has on their website. The gasser pics do not have the hood scoop.
  12. Nope..He said he can do it on any configuration. Just need the same year dash as the one in your truck. Again, if you email him with your VIN he will give you the part number to search for.
  13. Simple install. Literally took 10 minutes. The dash hood piece over the cluster pops off, has those little spring clips. Then 3, 7mm screws hold on the front outer plastic followed by 4, 7mm screws holding the actual cluster. Unplug the old one and plug in the new one and re-assemble. I went through all the options and everything works just like it should.
  14. I would think so..My part # was 84201628. I don’t know if the High Country vs. LTZ would make a difference (highly doubt there is any difference). If you decide to do this I would email them to make sure before spending the money.

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