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  1. I had the bumper on my High Country done in the fall..Almost through winter now and it looks new still. Very glad I had it done. I didn't have the lamps done and put a chrome bug shield on the hood. Lamps still look new and the deflector covers the entire front of the hood.
  2. I agree. Plasti-dip it then if you change your mind it’s easy to start over.
  3. 9800 trouble free miles..Truck as a whole has been great
  4. What offset are your wheels? I have 20x9 Fuel +1 wheels on my 2017 2500 with 285/55/20. My truck is stock with the stock front cranked all the way, it does clear barely. I have a leveling kit going in next week to smooth the ride out. I’m wondering if I can fit 275/65/20’s if I raise the front a tad more.
  5. I have 285/55/20's with 20x9 +1 offset Fuel wheels on my truck. Truck is completely stock. The tires clear but barely..I would go with +12 to +18 wheels if he is going with the larger tire size.
  6. You need to find a new dealer..Mine is great and I would prefer they repair it, even non warranty work.
  7. My dealer topped off the DEF at my 1st free service visit.
  8. How much difference do they actually make? We’ve had several double digit below zero days and I have yet to notice any issues with heat running no grille cover. Is there another reason I should be using one? I’ve had no issues without so far.
  9. You'd never notice in a 2500..Can hardly tell a difference in the 1500 with MRC.
  10. Ahh, good point. Missed the 6.2 part.
  11. Nice looking truck..As you get used to the power delivery and sound, you'll find the L5P is actually quicker, not slower than the 6.0.
  12. I’d be sure to keep my LML stock and filters clean and a cp4 failure is not likely...that said, agree on the nightmare if it were to fail. I have an L5P now with a completely new fuel system so problem solved..
  13. True story on the 6.0 itself. It’s too bad they don’t make the Allision an option for the 6.0 for those of us who tow more frequently...It will outlast the 6L90 significantly. Our works trucks with the 6.0 have all had transmission failures around the 115 mark.
  14. I’ve had several Duramax trucks through the years including 2 LML’s and now an L5P..No emissions issues with any of them. I use them for short commutes and plowed heavily with my previous 2015..lot’s of idling and short trips. If you read forums you’ll find people that have issues but in reality they are few and far between. If you truly want a Duramax don’t worry about the “issues” as again they are few and far between and no vehicle is immune..The new diesels also have 100,000 mile warranties... By the way, this is not to say the 6.0 is a bad truck, it’s not..in fact it IS the most reliable gas motor you can buy and will take a beating for a LONG time..but if its power you are looking for, hard to beat a Dmax.

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