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  1. As someone else pointed out, the 2014/2015 GMC's are clear standouts, that's why I have one. That said, if I was buying today, it would be a much harder decision, the new Chevy front end looks slick as hell. So it's still a toss up, base your decision on the interior you prefer, that's where you drive it after all.
  2. I got those under my truck with a level lift.
  3. No, I got 295/65/r20's to fit, no rub, ziptied fenders, although tires may run bigger in Canada .
  4. Not trying to be mean, the rock rings would look killer if they were colormatched IMO.
  5. Yes I had to ziptie the front fenderwells on the inner rear corners, that is all.
  6. How do you keep the phone from falling when you accelerate? Or do you have a 5.3?
  7. 295/65/r20 with level lift and ziptied front fender wells
  8. New shoes, jammed in some Toyo Open Country, 295/65/R20

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