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  1. No, the issue I have is intermittent non-horn sound when locking. I can hit the button 100 times and no horn beep. Drive to work and hit the lock button twice and it beeps as it should.
  2. Well that stinks also. That's a bigger job than an axle seal. I'm at 72k+. Mine still seeps. I have bigger fish to fry in life and it's not an issue that is actually big enough to flip out over. Plus I rather do the job and know it's fixed correctly.
  3. This is the same issue I have bud!!! I had the dealer look at it and they could not find why it was doing this. It did the issue right there with the dealer folks. No problem replicating the issue.
  4. I bought my two BMW's used. One CPO with 36k and one about 8yrs old with 100k on it. Both stick. Never had "issues" with my BMW's. They had a lot of maintenance items due to age, but they were great build quality. I love hearing about all these big repair bills and how they break.... My '14 Silverado that I bought NEW has had more issues than both BMW's combined. My BMW's were awesome cars. The big repair bills come from idiots that take the thing into the dealer and have them do everything they suggest. Although the newer BMW tech does scare me away a bit... start stop, 4cyl etc.
  5. Good point. there is a green and grey plug under the seat.... but why both seats?
  6. Ok checked all fuses. cannot find a burned fuse. Neither driver or passenger seat heating works. I only have heated bucket seats in my LT. Weird how both seats just quit working.
  7. I did not have the DIC message, but in hot traffic for long periods had mooshy pedal brakes. The dealer checked it out and replaced the grommet where the vac line goes into the booster and no issues since. So for me the grommet was richard hard and probably had a slight vac leak.
  8. have not checked yet. If the fuse is good, I'm not chasing it down. I'm done chasing down crap to fix on this truck. It's a part-time job. At least now I know the heated seats won't break because they're already broken. Made it this far in life without them. Add this to the list of items the Titan's 5yr 100k warranty would cover. At the end of my 5yrs/100k (I drive 20k/yr) I'll see what my spreadsheet shows. I track everything on my excel sheet when it comes to my trucks.
  9. There is something underlying wrong with this platform and all the balancing etc is just mitigation efforts. The on-going theme with Gm is we'll get it right on the next model. been seeing this since I was a kid in the 80's. The new Titan is already eating GM's lunch from what I see on the road. It's amazing how many Titan and Titan XD's (new models) are out there on the streets this quickly. This saturday I was out driving around early and every single boat was being pulled by a new Titan. Probably saw 10+/-. Plus for people that drive 20k/yr like I do, having a 5yr 100k bumper to bumper warranty is a HUGE risk management item. I love a lot of other things about my truck, that's why I put up with it. It's like a trophy wife... high maintenance. Eventually it's going to wear thin. But the truck market is in an interesting spot with a 2009 Ram still for sale, and a 2007 Tundra still for sale.... GM/Ford and now Titan are the only new trucks. The new Furds seem to have their share of issues, not to mention no transmission dipstick. There really is no good E39 M5 type truck for sale right now.
  10. When locking the doors from my remote the horn intermittently works. This just had me think maybe one of the two horns went out.
  11. Don't feel bad, I had a SM tell me not to worry about a slow axle leak because I have a warranty up to 100k miles. And then.... ?? LOL. I read the entire TSB and if you are handy do the same and check the specs as they call out. The techs are probably not even touching the vehicles anymore when they see shake issues. I checked my driveshaft run out and other items myself for peace of mind.
  12. Well it finally cooled off in FL this week. More than welcomed. It was int he 40's at 5am going to work and I kicked on the heated seat. 15 minutes later still no heat. No clicks either like it normally would do. So now I have to chase down why my seat heater doesn't work..... the fix list never ends on this truck. Just had the a/c condenser fixed.
  13. KO2 Tire, 20k mi review

    I've been doing some casual searching for my next set. I would like a LT load range C. I have found two tires thus far. 1- Goodyear wrangler kevlar something and 2- Toyo Open country AT2. Nitto's were E load. This weekend I took a tire/wheel off my K5 blazer which has 33x12.50R15 OG Ko's. They're new. So much lighter than my E load KO2 setup on my '14. Night and day difference in weight.
  14. KO2 Tire, 20k mi review

    Swathdiver- Sounds like you're seeing what I see.... I agree, the LTX's are great tires.

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