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  1. DualLiner Silverado or Sierra Bed Liner

  2. DualLiner Silverado or Sierra Bed Liner

    Price lowered to $125. Someone could use a top rate bed liner....
  3. DualLiner Silverado or Sierra Bed Liner

    Price drop to $150.
  4. DualLiner Silverado or Sierra Bed Liner

  5. Selling a lightly used DualLiner that will fit Chevrolet Silverado or GMC Sierra with the short bed (5'9"). Had this liner for a couple of years on a 2015 Sierra but was always underneath a bed cover. Looks great and works really well. Sold the truck and don't need the liner.This liner will work on any 2014-2017 Silverado or Sierra. No holes, no grinding, really simple installation. Took the included picture when I was removing it, hence the screws are backed out on the tailgate portion of the cover. See DualLiner's website for more information: https://www.dualliner.com/gmc-sierra-bed-liner Located in Sarasota, FL and am in Naples every week. $200
  6. I think they're one of the better SUVs out there but the Denali grill isn't doing it any favors.
  7. Audi A5 Question

    So, how about some pics of that A5?
  8. Audi A5 Question

    Very good point on resale value. I've never even heard of a new car that held its value the way my Sierra did.
  9. Audi A5 Question

    Sure have. It's actually a feature sometimes called a "follow me light". On the car it's an extra notch when you turn on the fog lights. Super useful feature to help in following another car in severe snow storms, fog, etc. Definitely not an electronic failure. Most likely a user error in that people don't know they've turned it on.
  10. Audi A5 Question

    Actually just traded my '15 Sierra in for an 18 S4. I think Audi has hit it out of the park with the new A4/A5 line. Very smooth engine, transmission and suspension and an impeccable fit and finish on the interior. Before my Sierra I had an A4 for 10 years. Only 75k miles but the car was a much much better car than my Sierra. The idea that Audi's have electrical problems is something people heard years ago and still hold on to (IMO). It's anecdotal but my previous A4 never skipped a beat. My '14 Sierra was bought back by GM after 15k miles, my '15 Sierra developed enough problems in it's 25k miles that I had no interest in keeping it. That and the trade-in value I got for it was superb. The dealership that I traded the Sierra in with literally listed the truck for 5% more than I paid for it new. I was really happy to be out of the truck and back with Audi.
  11. Color match any day. Wish it were optional on all cars without having to buy some package that includes it.
  12. Was in my friends truck yesterday with 25k miles on it and his just started making this popping noise when placed in reverse. I'll be sending this to him pronto.
  13. To be clear, this is a model built for the Canadian market. The VIN denotes this with a "C". He lives in the US and would have service and warranty work done here.
  14. Polarity was switched on the signal from the vehicle to the lights. All fixed.

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