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  1. I have sat in the Lincoln, and I have sat in Cadillacs, and several other GM cars. GM cars are uncomfortable, ungodly uncomfortable. I bought a Mustang instead of a Camaro because I could not stand the Camaro seats, and visibility. The Camaro was awful! Although I have been a long time GM owner, and never owned anything but GM, I would rather buy a Lincoln for this reason only.
  2. Want to start a civil war? Forget about guns, take away my car and you take away my freedom! I enjoy driving my car, and I do not want an autonomous thing to do it for me.
  3. Honestly they look more like a FORD than a GM product.
  4. It looks like shorter windows, and taller bed, or maybe just a shorter cab. The visibility is already bad on the current generation, now it is going to be worse? WTF!!! It looks great, but function has to be there in the midst of it all. Interestingly those are two different trucks, with and without cladding, they are not the same truck. If this is a GM product I think this might be the first with the 3 piece rear window.
  5. Canadian GM Strike Over - Guess Who Won?

    The sad thing is with a 1 month strike any increases in pay will take them 10 years to recoup lost wages for the time they were on strike. Whoo Hoo! Who won? GM won, no matter what they tall you. John
  6. I am not sure if people are aware, but the new Colorado/Canyon are about the same size truck as what trucks were back in the 60's and 70's Trucks have grown and grown in size. I would like to see another generation Trailblazer, Envoy, Rainier etc. Not holding my breath on that tho.
  7. "Remember, iven if you are not a fan of EVs, every EV (and its ZEV credits) GM creates enables that many more V8s for Trucks, Camaros, and Corvettes." Who is Iven? I am not sure who wrote this, but the sentence is a jumbled mess. Dang, I never wanted to be the spelling and sentence police, but seriously? "GM creates enables that many more V8s for Trucks" What is this? It is almost nonsense. I think I understand but there are two verbs in a row... Sorry.
  8. I thought they were making some trucks in Flint, or is it just a particular model that they are moving to Flint? Other than parts warehouses, There is one plant left in Flint, on the corner of I-75 & I-69 GM has 2.5 miles of parking lot they can use off I-475 to build a new plant, or even if they wanted to put another plant by Kettering University (used to be called "Down in the hole")... Of course I think that those properties are now owned by the City of Flint.
  9. I am in Michigan and have a 2007 Tahoe, the Recall information does not include my truck. I think it was made in TX, so I wonder if that has anything to do with it. I know by working with other cars that different Assembly plants often use different suppliers, things like Glass, interior parts even fenders and doors etc have been found to be different but interchangeable for different assy plants.
  10. I believe his question was to try to figure out which one it was, not to relate them together as one. Personally I suspect it is a combination of both, you have UV/IR exposure to where the plastic breaks down and becomes more brittle, then if you have any structural deflection or warpage caused by the structural properties of the truck and it causes the dash to fatigue, and eventually crack. It may also have to do with the screw points in relationship to the weak points in the dash.
  11. 50th Anniversary Camaro SS Will Pace Indy 500

    You ever talk to someone with a CFI car? They were a an idea gone bad. Interestingly the CFI was only used in the F-body for 1982 & 1983, but in 1984 it was dedicated to the Corvette only. There are a few people out there that like them, do not get me wrong, I took an 83 CFI (Camaro) car with what I think was a well built 350 for a drive and that thing just moved.
  12. The K&N is supposed to be less restrictive, they have those little displays at the local auto parts store where you can turn on a fan and see the differences on how high the ball floats. So K&N filters are less restrictive, but the question remained to why it was not necessarily a benefit.
  13. 50th Anniversary Camaro SS Will Pace Indy 500

    Anniversary comes from the word Annual... Just like Jesus, Lincoln, and Washington have birthdays and many people celebrate them annually, similarly the Camaro has been recognized that it has a beginning with a 1967 model therefore some recognize that the oldest camaro is now 50 years old. Somehow it blows my mind... I just now realized that in a few months I will have a car that is half a century old... John
  14. Here is the thing about CAI... I have been thinking about this, and maybe I am wrong. But facts are facts, so follow me. For the most part 3MPG or even 1MPG at 70 mph seems huge... At speed of about 55-70mph most cars use about 40hp and trucks use maybe around 50-60 hp to keep at speed (on flat ground). At this speed your engine should be revving about 2000 RPM as that seems to be what most manufacturers aim for as the most economical/HP blend point in the engine performance. Obviously a better breathing engine would reduce the amount of energy required to suck in the air, as lower restrictions would "free up" HP to save fuel and use it elsewhere... Here is the thing, if you are running your engine at WOT in 2nd gear at 55mph, the amount of reduction of restriction created by a CAI would probably make a difference. When you consider that your engine can breathe in 3x more air at 6000 RPM, I highly suspect that any amount of restriction within a stock CAI at 2000RPM is minimal. It is the difference between rolling an apple and an orange down a hill, there probably is not a measurable difference between the two. But you take that apple and take that orange, when you step on them they react differently... Obviously restrictions in your air intake will cause a power loss, just put your hand over the intake and you can slow or stop your engine, so having a clean air cleaner is important. A few years back I have a friend who was into tuning the LS1 4th Gen Camaros and Firebirds, and he was telling me that when they put the K&N filter on those cars, his 1/4 mile times fell off for some reason. It was counter intuitive to him and everyone else, but he runs a clean stock paper filter and performs better. If I remember, His thought was that although the K&N flowed better, it did not distribute the airflow over the MAF properly for it to get an accurate reading and caused a slight loss in power. It was the only speculation tho... In short, for spirited driving, a CAI helps with performance, but to expect to save money with a gain of even 3mpg, even at $5.00/ Gallon you will sell the vehicle to regain that investment. Do it for the power, don't expect mpg gains... That is my 2 cents.
  15. I have heard over and over about gaining 3mpg with some of these things and I have never seen 1mpg.

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