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  1. So just get the HMI unlock and wire it in LOL Super easy no extra hardware required other than the camera and a switch ;) Viola instant pushbutton front and rear camera on command.
  2. The only way that would work is if we custom programmed a 2016 tahoe (GAS ONLY LOL) and you upgraded the rest of the modules on the most bus to 2016's. This is something we'd discuss via email. I think people forget that changing the theme doesn't change the rest of the physical colors LOL It can be done but it would be all SUV graphics. Nah you'd still have red/white physical gauges
  3. The "normal/corporate" answer: No. The whatever it takes answer: Sure if you want to spend thousands of dollars replacing a shit ton of modules LOL Then again with that part of the process it'll be very obvious why you're doing it. Thanks man much appreciated!!! Not sure why it quoted you on that, that actually wasnt aimed at you just a prelude to the FAQ post LOL 1. Not on a 2015 2. No these are Denali specific 3. No, they had it in 2016.
  4. FAQ – Please read before contacting us – thank you! Q: I have a base model truck will this mod work? A: Yes we can retrofit program the Denali or smaller color cluster for your application. See the thread from pgamboa regarding the steps needed to make this work properly on your end. Q: I already bought a cluster will it work? A: That depends on MANY factors, we HIGHLY recommend you contact us first with the part number you are looking at to confirm fitment. Q: How much does this whole shebang cost? A: We only do programming and the cost varies depending on what cluster you get, the condition, any special requests etc. Typically most people do this mod for around $500 total including cluster. Q: I bought a cluster and plugged it in and now some things dont work, can you program it? A: We have posted multiple warnings to not plug units into your vehicle until we program them, if you plug it in prior you own it and the tamper flags you created; we wont touch it. Q: Whats the average turnaround time? A: Typically one weekend or less depending on work load. Q: What part numbers should I be looking for? A: You want the Denali part number for your EXACT year and specification. If you have a 2016 diesel you need a 2016 diesel cluster. 2015 has two model years effectively 2015 and 2015.5 as always ANY part you are looking at please send us the part number to confirm fitment prior to purchase! Q: I want to move ahead what info do I need to send you to get a quote and check compatibility? A: Your VIN, the cluster part number you are looking at and its condition. Thank you!!
  5. If you are emailing regarding this service please make sure you are sending 1. Your VIN 2. The clusters you are looking at (we are not suppling part numbers there may be 20 per application so there could be 60 per truck) and we will confirm fitment 3. The condition of the cluster you are looking at so we can quote the pricing. Thanks!
  6. LOL you were fine man!!! Glad you're happy it looks great!! As to the OP's question no dealers cannot flash for retrofits of different style clusters, we do this for dealers all over the world.
  7. Escalade clusters do not fit in the opening for the trucks or non cadillac SUV's. They also have a grey/white color scheme to them. The programming is also VERY labor intensive I caution anyone to contact us first prior to even considering putting an escalade cluster in; its a BIG project. Also please dont let the total price deter you from doing this modification, get a quote from us first as the pricing varies wildly depending on how much you pay for the cluster, if its used etc. I'd say average for this mod with a Denali cluster is $500 total including hardware and I think thats pretty reasonable given its something you'll literally use every time you drive your truck
  8. They are year specific but there are a ton of bad Ebay sellers marketing them as fitting both hence why we won’t start an order without confirming fitment.

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