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  1. GM could always add more to supersede these but these are still the active numbers, I'm not going to keep a running list as any of those would be able to pull up the new part numbers from a supplier.
  2. Bump to make this easier to find for people (Have been directing lots of people here).
  3. You can also choose to purchase updated maps at half price when doing an HMI unlock for video in motion/nav in motion/ front camera/rear camera in motion etc.
  4. HMI Unlock from MVI is the way to go.
  5. They lost someone’s cluster just last week. They have lost about ten grand worth of stuff over the years
  6. This is something we should continue via email as to not clutter up this thread; thanks!
  7. Hmmm this is an interesting one of course because of the timing. So a few things that may help. #1 Rhe cluster IS programmed for park assist if you are seeing that message otherwise it would be turned off IE trucks built without it and we've done plenty both ways without anyone else reporting this issue. That said there IS a UPA module update for SOME 2017's and without knowing which part number module you have (theres like 20) I can't say for sure but that may be it as well. Worst case if you want us to checkout the programming in the cluster just to rule it out we're happy to do so on the house. The good news is there are VERY low odds its the cluster hardware; I've only seen one bad one thus far out of a bazillion of this family we've done.
  8. 2016 Denali Cluster for Sale

    I have a dealer we work with that can order them at any time if you want to go new ;)
  9. 2016 Denali Cluster for Sale

    Only if you’ve done a proper car play upgrade of radio AND hmi.
  10. Hey gang just a heads up, while this is literally the first line in our Terms and Conditions it bears repeating again: DO NOT SHIP USPS IF YOU WANT YOUR STUFF IN ONE PIECE. I'm not sure what they do with them here but they are AMAZINGLY good at breaking the lenses. We've had a rash of people not heeding the warning that end up damaged. Also bubble wrap unless it fills the whole damn box may not be enough, wrap these suckers in foam just in case; trust me this is good advice either with our without USPS. Thanks
  11. Please contact us from our website however its likely the system just needs to be turned back on by pressing the button.
  12. You’ve been asking and we’ve been listening. Granted it took longer than anyone would have liked we are changing up our operations a bit to hopefully make things easier on everyone; especially the consumer! While most don’t know we have run the commercial side of our business during the week and the consumer side on the weekends as basically two separate entities and methods of communication. This has led to traditionally very happy third party resellers with their private branded products but also some unhappy consumers finding it hard to contact us outside of our consumer weekend business hours. That all changes today. Effective immediately we have merged our two communications channels and will be taking correspondence every day while we fine tune this. Please keep in mind it may take some time to get to inquiries now but rest assured we’ll do our best to get to each and every one as soon as humanly possible; please keep in mind we also need time to process orders J Also we are adding two more consumer processing windows to our weekday operations in addition to our weekend processing days; Monday’s and Thursday. So what does this mean to you? How we are handling the weekday consumer orders is basically if you are shipping in something that does not inhibit you using your vehicle (such as a Denali instrument cluster upgrade for example) please ship immediately after ordering as arrival day doesn’t matter as much. We will in turn process the unit as fast as the current workload allows but nine times out of ten no later than the following weekend. Full custom items e.g. Escalade cluster retrofits may take longer than one weekend as they are very labor intensive. For items that could potentially make driving your vehicle more difficult/full custom/rush orders you will still need to setup an appointment with us just to make sure we are all on the same page and can get to your order in a timely manner. We are also looking into the idea of possibly using other avenues of communication for our consumer market as well e.g. iMessage etc. I cannot stress enough how much we appreciate your continued support as we celebrate our 15thyear in business!!

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