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  1. If it’s gas and us spec use the list provided. The reason it’s saying it’s not compatible is that it isn’t.... without our custom programming ;)
  2. It won’t. Again guys please email this thread is becoming very hard to navigate. Thanks!
  3. Please keep all of this stuff to email; thank you!
  4. Yes we still need to confirm fitment however prior to purchase.
  5. Guys can we keep cluster sales relegated to the for sale section please? Would like to keep this thread related to questions etc. Thanks!
  6. Nope nothing this morning, if it was sent before 10AM Eastern it likely got purged.
  7. Well thats a two way street man Cant wait to see what crazy stuff you come up with next!!
  8. Fitment post updated to include 2016 Denali Style cluster with Chevrolet Coloring. These can be used in 2016 Silverado/Tahoe/Suburban to get the Denali look with the correct coloring. These can also be used to give the correct CarPlay/Android Auto voice control ability to those of you with 14-15 trucks that have a 100% correct car play retrofit. This portion isnt going to be something we'll discuss here, if you need more info please contact us from our website.
  9. Your trucks are 2014’s there is no split year in 2014 for the new model so you use the 2014/early 2015 part number list. 2015.5 is not compatible
  10. Yes but stuff like this should be discussed via our website; thanks!
  11. Ok guys some new developments today: First and foremost against my better judgement I've gone ahead and compiled a "short list" of part numbers for the various years. This is JUST for normal Denali retrofit not for say a Tahoe cluster in a Silverado etc. We STILL need to verify these part numbers prior to purchase just to make sure we've got all of the details and your build correct. The attachments are for GAS US SPEC ONLY. These are not for Diesel, Canadian, export etc. IT IS STILL PARAMOUNT THAT YOU DO NOT PLUG THESE INTO YOUR VEHICLE UNTIL WE HAVE PROPERLY RETROFIT PROGRAMMED IT. THIS IS FOR YOUR PROTECTION NOT OURS. Seriously; its that important. Second we've added a product just for this service on our website with more details and specific choices which we hope will make things easier. Also if you have upgraded to NAV or Front Parking assist etc please put that in the notes and we'll turn those functions on for you in the cluster (we can also suppress warnings etc). Thirdly we are able to properly retrofit Escalade clusters into K2XX vehicles however due to the extra programming labor and fitment required normally never advertised it but figured we'd throw that out. Last but not least we are officially offering 16+ module retrofit into older vehicles that have had -THE COMPLETE CAR PLAY UPGRADE DONE- (read that again its important lol). The complete car play upgrade would be a matched pair of Radio AND HMI module replaced from a 2016+. Sadly a lot of aftermarket vendors are half assing this upgrade and only replacing the HMI which causes numerous issues. This is a major pain in the butt as we have to verify you got the right radio/HMI unit but it will allow for full correct display of Radio, the Speed limit sign as well as the sought after carplay/android auto voice control from the steering wheel. We may also be able to now back port 2017 (and possibly 18) modules back to other 16/17's however this will be on a case by case custom basis and will require extra billable labor. 2014 and Early 2015 GAS US SPEC - DENALI RED 2015.5 (Trucks with RPO AVF and/or VV4) GAS US SPEC -DENALI RED 2016 GAS US SPEC - DENALI RED 2016 GAS US SPEC - DENALI STYLE LARGE DISPLAY BLUE/GREEN LIGHTING FOR CHEVY (SILVERADO/TAHOE/SUBURBAN ETC) 2017 GAS US SPEC - NEW CHEVY AND DENALI BLUE/GREEN (First year Denali has Chevy Colored Lighting) 2018 GAS US SPEC - BLUE/GREEN
  12. The problem is if I were to spend a bazillion hours compiling that and breaking it down into a way the general public could use it it would be outdated immediately. That and there are far more questions that need to be discussed this method while clunky assures everything will work as intended.
  13. Hey guys a few things. 1. we are getting a TON of interest in these so thanks to all of you! 2. We are ONLY open on the weekends, if you email outside of our posted hours you're likely not to get a reply. This is noted in about four different places that apparently people aren't reading LOL 3. We dont supply part numbers. Depending on the year there could be 30+ part numbers for various configurations, i'd love to compile a list if it didn't seem to change about every month or so. PLEASE READ THE FAQ POST HERE BEFORE CONTACTING US TO MAKE SURE WE GET ALL OF THE PERTINENT INFORMATION THE FIRST TIME AND WE ARENT WASTING EACH OTHERS TIME

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