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  1. Black birds / Crows

    Not a good idea if you have dogs of your own.
  2. Ahh the old Burt Chevy dealership. I was a service shagger there for a few months back in the 90s when Burt was a respectable dealership chain. Let me know how they treat you. I go to Ed Bozarth here in Lone Tree as it is closer.
  3. losing a customer for life doesn't really bother anyone anymore. There are thousands of babies/potential customers born every day. That being said- I hope the Jeep serves you well. I loved my 89 Wrangler. it's no truck, but as something fun to drive, it worked.
  4. HOGWASH! I've had both. The Chevy looks slightly better.
  5. Mechanic

    In some cases (not sure with GM) you have to use a Tech-II to activate the ABS unit to purge things.
  6. Diesel Power Challenge 2017

    No duramax, not interested. Too much black smoke.
  7. If looks can kill, don't open this thread.

    Nope. That grill only looks good on the Dodge, and the Bowtie looks.. lame on that thing.
  8. VERY Smooth. Congrats on getting something you wanted and like!
  9. I love the sound of it.
  10. What did you do with your truck/shop today

    That's one nice looking Dodge. Keep us posted.
  11. Chit chat

    Just don't want you good people getting hurt. I've heard of things like this happening.

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