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  1. Is the 6.0 flex fuel capable?
  2. oh no. Hopefully we are not going to see another profound issue with faulty fuel sending units like we did on the GMT-800s.
  3. I'm not too convinced about that tech either. May I suggest you post this over on duramaxforum.com lots more folks over there with lots of emissions crap issues like yours.
  4. Yup. When the GMT-900s came out, I and many others on here said NO WAY! Guess who ended up with a brand new 07 Sierra 1500?
  5. If it starts doing it again, try removing the in-cab filter and see if it makes any difference. Should be a warranty item though.
  6. Meet the new boss.. same as the old boss.. *yawn*
  7. It happens, sadly. I'd be frustrated too, but there are plenty of new vehicle examples of things like this happening all across the board, not just on GM vehicles. Everything from your silly little Hyundai, up to the most expensive exotic cars out there. No matter how much we spend, there are no guarantees our vehicles will be trouble free or stupid crap won't happen.
  8. I agree that you should not be shifting the vehicle into neutral while moving.
  9. Yeah but it's still a shitty 6 cylinder that needs a trubo to do any work.
  10. Life is far too short to worry about stupid little non-impotant things like spelling and grammar.
  11. keep us posted on how it goes, JK. Keeping fingers crossed.
  12. If you really think about purchasing it, get a pre-purchase inspection done first. Does it have the allison tranny? If not, and if the original has not been rebuilt, expect that to go out relatively soon.
  13. Cheating neighbors

    oooooh! Nice. Growing up, my family had a 71 Riviera with the 455. Loved that boat. I was an idiot for selling it a year or two after my dad died. Looked like this but was not the GS.
  14. You are not making a mistake. You need to be happy with what you are driving. But don't limit it to Ford. Go drive the others as well before you decide.

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