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  1. Hi Folks- I have a 3 year old Ryobi cordless drill. It came with 2 Lithium 18V batteries and up until the summer of 2017 everything worked great, however both batteries are now toast. The cost of new batteries is almost more than the cost I paid for the kit new. Where do you like to get your batteries for your drills and other battery equipment from? Next question- what is your favorite brand of equipment to use? I grew up with Dewalt being the brand of choice and have a 15 year old Dewalt screw gun which saw a lot of hard use but is still going well. I purchased no name replacement batteries for them from EBAY and while they don't hold the charge as long, they still get the job done. I'm contemplating purchasing the Dewalt drill next but wanted to see what you opinions/pros cons are on the brands you have had experience with. Cheers
  2. I am praying that the GMC looks better than the Silverado.
  3. The weathertechs for the 07-13s sucked especially for the drivers side mat, it sounds like they have improved the fit for the 2014+. But yes they do stain easily and won't clean up well.
  4. For the most part those 6.2Ls have been relatively reliable.
  5. I don't like the crisp white though, get a more warmer white color, easier on the eyes, especially at night!
  6. eh not so troubling given how much electronics and crap are in vehicles now a days. I'll be interested to hear what they say. Rear defroster on that side going kablooey is my guess.
  7. "GM continues to invest in the great state of Kansas" The great state of Kansas.. Good grief.
  8. 2012

    I'd take a 4.8 over a 4.3L v6 but preference would be the 5.3 after having driven a truck with the 4.8 as a work truck. It does ok but the 5.3 does it better and you will be happy.
  9. those are not fog lights. They are driving lights.
  10. 140, if you were LUCKY and that's in the redline. The thing didn't have enough gear to get it to 160.
  11. It does make that big of a difference, Dave. Sad to say.
  12. With all the hills around where I live, AFM doesn't kick in very often. But get her down at sea level on a flat stretch of highway and I would see 21-24 MPG @ 65 MPH with the 5.3L. Not to mention better throttle response. Living up at 6000ft sucks power out of the thing.

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