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  1. I paid 1800 installed. I added 100% leather option and two tone with perforated inserts. Since I have ventilated seats it was also 200 more for special foam. I think it was 150 for two tone. 200 fore all leather and 100 for perforated leather. I believe it was quoted around 1100 installed for just black without options
  2. I love my Katzkin and they are tight with no wrinkles or baggy spots. I went with the full leather option with no vinyl every sq inch is leather. The truck smells amazing too.
  3. The headlights look like they are flip flopped compared to the 1500. Looks like headlight is below the center grill bar. I hope the DEF tank gets relocated.
  4. With it disconnected the stabilitrak will definitely come on since there is more body roll. My BDS lift has a drop bracket were the sway bar bolts to the frame to lower it 2 inches for a 4inch lift kit or 4 inches for a 6 inch lift kit. The endlinks are also 2 inches longer than stock. I had my lift set at 6inches of lift but lowered my coilovers to 4.5inches of lift and had to replace the sway bar drop bracket with a smaller drop. The pic below is a ford drop bracket with longer bolts.
  5. So when I got my TOYO RT 35x12.5r20 tires installed the shop said they do not balance large tires with lead weights and they use Checkered Flag ceramic balancing beads. My first question was if I would hear them and they assured no they make no noise and after going 35mph they balance the tire. So I went with the beads and this was November so everything was good I didn't hear anything and the tires rode perfectly. Then by spring I forgot I even had the beads in the tires and when I was driving with the windows open I heard a rattling/pinging sound everytime I stopped. To me it sounded like a baffle in my Corsa buffle was loose. Corsa sent me new muffler and I replaced but I still had the rattling and pinging. It turned out it was the balancing beads in the tire. So the shop went for a ride and confirmed the beads were falling in the tire and bouncing of the wheel. They ordered equal flexx balancing plastic shredding stuff and my noise was gone and everything balanced fine until my tires were rotated 2 months ago and now I have steering wheel shake at 55mph. The shop says there isn't anything they can do and the nature of larger tires is they may not be able to balance perfectly. I told them its BS and I had 35's in past with lead stick on weights without an issue. I asked if they could have not put the right amount in one of the tires or the package had the wrong amount and they insist no. I asked them to redo the equal in the fronts but they said they do not like the plastic balancing and do not stock it and will only offer me to go to a ceramic bead like I originally had or they also use Magnum glass beads. I should also say the Equal clogs the valve stem sometimes and the shop didn't use the valve stem filters because as they said they didn't fit the GM stems. Does anyone have experience the Magnum glass beads and are they quiet? Any other brand suggestions? I actually do not like the equal for the valve stem clogging issue and was wondering if it could be clumped up and causing the out of balance.
  6. Also double chech your sway bar is centered and was it dropped down and taller end links used?
  7. Did you correct the tire size for the speedometer? If not that will also make the Stabilitrack kick in more often. I also have mine come on more than I would like to but there is no way to completely get around it with 35s. If speedo is correct and alignment is good mine comes on in left turns sometimes. It never comes on making right turns though. Before I found a shop that new how to align a lifted truck mine came on daily but now its about once a week. I wish the sensitivity level for the stabilitrak could be adjusted. Some performance cars can be adjusted to not kick on so often.
  8. They need to make one that is a direct plug in replacement for the LED puddle lights under the mirrors.
  9. Anyone notice the pics in this article show the Trailboss with cloth bench seat and the HVAC controls shows the ventilated seat buttons? But then look at the High Country interior shots and no ventilated seats. Also the round knob above the 4wd buttons has symbols on the Trailboss for towing but the HighCountry knob just has an N. These preproduction interiors must have been thrown together in rush and HVAC controls with vented seats should have been installed in the High Country. Also don't all the current truck tailgates have the easy open and close torsion bar? The 2019 shows there will be a std tailgate without easy open/close and on up to the power open close. There will be 4 tailgates available! https://www.msn.com/en-us/autos/autos-trucks/2019-chevrolet-silverado-a-tale-of-four-tailgates/ar-AAuKfF4?li=BBnb4R5#image=AAuK6p1|20
  10. THe knob is for tow haul and looks like selectable drive mode like they have on the crossovers this video shows the tow haul symbol on the knob and what looks to be a checkered flag. Maybe off road drive mode.
  11. I had a squeak over bumps and clunk when backing over driveway curb. I have BDS leaf springs and it turned out to be the leaf spring clamps rubbing the side of the leaf pack. I used some thin rubber sheeting to put in between the spring clamp and leaf pack.
  12. The Ram has actual buttons on the sides of the screen for hvac controls and knobs for the radio on the sides also.
  13. GM really screwed up with the interior. They even said on the TFL truck video they saw no need to change much of anything. I'm very disappointed with how they did a great job on everything then the interior they stopped. The Ram interior designers really thought of every detail and improved everything even rear seats can be heated, cooled, and recline. The Chevy layout is fine but it looks cheap and plasticy. I hope GMC has its own interior that is on par with Ram and Ford.
  14. Perfect truck is the 2019 GMC with the Ram interior minus the dial shifter. I can only hope the GMC debuts with it's own interior dash design to separate it from Chevy.
  15. I just watched this video of all the Ram features and they def have the better 2019 truck. The Ram isn't impressive at all on the outside but the interior and tech underneath are far beyond Chevy. I have only owned GM trucks but after the disappointing 2019 Chevy I think when I am due for a new truck in 3-4 years it isn't looking like another GMC. Unless they do an emergency mid cycle refresh around 2021ish and it fixes the interior.

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