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  1. Little delivery. Bakflip fibermax and amp powersteps
  2. On the driveway I took my exhaust out in one piece without taking the spare tire off. I also have a lift kit which has 4 inch blocks in the rear which gave some room to get it out. You say you're going to lift your truck up so you shouldn't have a problem
  3. Went with 295s when I had the level. But with the lift now I'm thinking I want to go bigger with maybe some 22s
  4. I don't have much to compare them to but they get me where I need to go. Snow is never an issue. They held the highway pretty good even though it was icy, better piece of mind being an all terrain compared to mud terrains. I could break them loose when I tried though. Put it in 4 auto and don't have to worry
  5. Put the magnaflow on. Can finally hear the truck. Louder when idling and a good growl when accelerating
  6. I'd say that is definitely going to rub the front inner fender where the mudflap is. I had a 2.25 level with 295/55/20 with 18 offset and had about half an inch clearance while turning
  7. Thanks. Zone 4.5 and still running the same 295/55/20 toyo at2s and xd hoss 20x9 +18 offset I had with the leveling kit. The lift pushed the tires out about 2 inches for a nice stance.

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