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  1. EV Tax Credit May End With New Tax Bill

    Absofreakinglutly! It's been insulting to have my tax dollars go to funding middle class and above middle class citizens ev car purchase. And overall from what I have read so far Trumps new tax plan looks pretty decent.
  2. Soft personal loan

    How is your credit, if it's decent you can maybe apply to the many credit card offers that have 0% on transfers some as long as 18 months.
  3. I agree the white background is just terrible on my eyes and would rather have the old setup vs. this new layout sorry to say. Is their any options to change the ui here, I know some website allow it's users a choice for ui colors.
  4. I have seen plenty towing and hauling which is what these trucks are made to do, imo trucks are built so flimsy today that your nuts abusing them like that, too expensive and big to fit down trails.
  5. Same here best i can do with real highway driving in my 6.2 is around 21-22mpg. To hit 30 would take a unrealistic scenario like hitting a 30 mile stretch of road that is all downhill or something to that effect.
  6. Just buy the morimoto xb led fogs and you will be set, cost around 200 for the pair and come with a ten year warranty.
  7. Actually they update the software that controls the steering so it doesn't cut off on you while driving. Just my advice but go get the fix done...
  8. Insurance?

    That is who i was with for the last 3 years Safco, rates did nothing but increase year after year, mind you no tickets and no accident claims and yes my credit rating is pretty decent. Today it just doesn't matter, the longer you are with a company the more you are paying imo. I knew i would get a cheaper rate shopping it around but never thought i would be saving over a thousand a year essentially cutting my yearly payment in half for all the same coverage and rates!
  9. http://www.morimotohid.com/universal-70mm-morimoto-xb-led.html https://www.bigwormgraphix.com/2014-15-camaro-morimoto-fog-lights.html
  10. Your Camaro is screaming for some morimoto xb fog/driving lights.
  11. Insurance?

    Yeah i agree it actually works in reverse these days with long time customers paying far more then if you shop around every year on rates. i saved almost $1,000 shopping around for my policy this last year..
  12. How many people smoke (legal stuff) in their new truck?

    Nope, quit the things over 5 years ago. And the only thing worse then a smoked in interior is one who smokes cigars, we have a couple of techs who do so after their shift and their company trucks smells so god damn bad i cant even drive the things anymore, every inch is covered in a layer cigar smoke, nasty stuff!
  13. I had that happen with a older s10 I owned after doing a flush and fill on a 75k truck. In my case it stirred up some bad crap inside and within a few miles of leaving the service shop that did the flush and fill the trans went out completely.
  14. Hell I would even take the loss on the down payment if I had to and walk from this deal.
  15. Holy cow F150 crash all ok

    I would hope so being ten years newer at a time when 5 star crash ratings have become heavily stressed as of late. Back in 2006 not many looked at crash ratings when buying a truck and technically we might as well say 2003 since that is when that design took effect.

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