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  1. Installed an OEM tonneau I picked up for $250. It's keep the snow out until I get a topper next summer.
  2. Duster looks good. I cleaned mine the other day. And today I may have just traded it. I've been itching to get out of Muscle cars for a while and found a guy with a 1950 Ford Tudor that has been wanting a muscle cars. So we may be doing a straight swap. The 50's cruisers are more my style anyway.
  3. Will Canada's GM Strike Backfire Big Time?

    Same quality in Canada, actually higher standad's in Canada. Just our dollar is cheaper... For now anyway...
  4. To be totally honest, the euro looking taillights on the GMC Denali killed that truck for me. All the upscale on the interior is cheapened by those tail lights.
  5. It's not sales, it's safety. Ford will be following suit soon as well. The b pillar adds strength for side impact and roll over. The suicide doors were nice, but it's hardly a screw up on GM's behalf.
  6. Had a '16 F150, won't be going back, ever...
  7. If looks can kill, don't open this thread.

    Why do you need a car that "blends in" on trips. Do you go on bank robbing spree's and need to hide from the cops?
  8. If looks can kill, don't open this thread.

    Have you seen the entire Lexus line up? Ugliest cars I've seen...
  9. Got a full pic of the truck? It looks good.
  10. 1984 GMC C25 with 660k kms.
  11. Why do you chose GM?

    I've had the least amount of problems with GM's. I think I had figured it out once that I had a 100% failure rate with Ford (3 Fords all electrical lemons), 55% failure rate with Chrysler, 40% failure rate with a mix of Imports and a .083% failure rate with GM's. I don't think of myself as brand loyal, I just stick with what's worked the best...
  12. What annoys you about other pickups

    But tow mirrors extended aren't the pickups problem, it's the idiot driving it thats the problem. Ford caters to people that can't drive trucks Dodge thinks this is a good idea Ugly Bloated Those are the things that annoy me about other trucks...
  13. Because if they want to sell in another country they have to manufacture in that country. Yeah it's sad when Unions fight for their membership. It's utter blasphemy. If they have gone to a strike position it's because negotiations have broken down, despite what people think Unions don't just go straight to strike. We don't want to be out of work and unpaid, but sometimes a point has to be made. In Canada minimum wage is going up to $15/hr, and the Cami workers aren't paid much more.

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