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  1. 94' Chevy Stepside Outrider

    Don't know much about UCI, but the truck looks to be in good shape. Although after many years experience with those style of steps, I'd want to look in behind them to see if there is rust. They are known for causing moisture to hang around.
  2. My 91 still has it's original Ball Joints. 234k kms
  3. King size bed

    Are you looking for the bed or the mattress? I just picked up a Sealy iComfort at a local place for 60% off and I built my own king size bed for about $200. Just have to finish the white ash and it's done.
  4. I don't use Tapatalk so it doesn't show up, but if I used tapatalk I honestly wouldn't care enough to turn the feature off. Complaining about it seems about as stupid to me as, well the feature itself.
  5. Are there any Canadians getting this unlimited option, because I can't find it and I certainly don't think it's going to be $20, seems to low for Canadian market...
  6. Considering 10gig is $70 Canadian. I don't see a $20 unlimited plan ever being offered. 1gig is $15 and 4 is $35, those are the ones I'm thinking about.
  7. I'll have to see if that's available in Canada too.
  8. Did anybody continue their WiFi after the free trial? If so what did you go with, and dother you need to keep OnStar? I didn't keep mine going and I've been thinking about getting it back, but I have no desire for OnStar. Also, I only used the WiFi for the odd Internet search, but for the most part I use it for Spotify. So I'm wondering if the 1gig is enough or if I should go one plan up. Also I know I'm going to be requesting it back, but was anyone that continued it able to get a deal, kind of like you can through XM or OnStar?
  9. Hardly a young one, just groggy and hung over. I started off writing something different and switched the way I wanted to state it. I was going to say "GM won't be offering anything but a slush box", but went a different direction...
  10. GM won't be putting slush boxes back in trucks anytime soon, if at all, for the same two reasons they stopped in the first place. Automatics have come a long way and are just as, if not more, efficient then Manuals and the sales of manuals were below 2% which made it not worth the money to invest in the segment anymore. Less and less people drive stick shift unfortunately. The die hard drivers that want a stick shift, just don't equate to enough sales to justify it to the manufactures any more. The Colorado gets one simply because of the market it's deployed in, mainly oversea's where they still drive stick, and millennial don't exist as much. Because lets face it, it's those pricks that caused this, it's hard to burry your face in a mobile device when you have to watch the road, let alone shift gears. Another thing to look at is the Ram 2500 and 3500's with a manual get a derated cummins. I'm not sure of exact numbers but with an auto they have a significantly higher torque rating. With the majority of the population wanting automatics, that's where the development money went, as a result they can handle the power, economy and reliability better than they use to. There isn't even a way to check the trans fluid in an automatic anymore. I do miss running through the gears in a manual though, and have being saving money to switch my Duster over to a manual, just so I can get my fix. I was even looking into switching my 91 C2500 to a SM465 (yes I prefer it over the NV4500), but I might just see if I can find a truck instead, it would be just as expensive.
  11. Could depend on a number of things. Where do you live for one, are there a lot of hills and what elevation are you at, what fuel do you use?
  12. I can see 275/65r18s being meh, they are the same size as the factory 20s. I run that size on my stock High Country in the winter to keep the speedo honest.
  13. So in the same vehicle you can disable features and limit others to keep your novice teenage drivers attention on the road. But also, in a do as I say not as I do type situation, you can take your attention from the road to buy things. I take it these cars will all be equipped with lane keep assist and forward collision alert also. Terrible idea, no doubt from the mind of a millennial that can't wait the extra 5 mins in a line they had to walk to, for their chia mocha latte.
  14. I'm fairly certain the Tacoma has a composite bed and has for a few years.
  15. Technology cost money, whether it's self driving cars, EV cars, or self driving EV cars, money will always be the reason Bob Lutz' theory of only autonomous vehicles on the road, will never happen. The family down the road that's struggling to keep their 10 year old mini van on the road, isn't going to be buying a $50k+ (and I'm guessing I'm seriously low balling the cost) autonomous van.

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