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  1. Don't know what to tell you man, but my 2014 was a 2LT 4x4 (non Z71), had power drivers seat, and dual climate control (wasn't an Allstar, but then I don't think those were available in Canada) it did have the LT convenience package. I didn't say anything about heated seats, but it didn't have any. The 2LT comes standard with things that are options on a 1LT, and comes with the option for Z71, but it wasn't standard. It might be now, but it wasn't then.
  2. I doubt someone that test drove the truck 4 years ago all of the sudden is starting to F with it. Are the window open in the truck and any animals living in the house?
  3. Looks good, gives me an idea of what my High Country would look like with a chrome bumper.
  4. You need LT2 to get the Z71 option, but LT2 doesn't mean you'll always get a Z71. My 2014 Silverado was an LT2 and not a Z71... The difference between LT1 and LT2 is what comes as a standard option. LT1 comes with every option you can get on an LS and an LT2 comes with those options, plus power seats, and dual climate control as standard equipment.
  5. I'm even luckier, no wife so I can buy what I want, when I want.
  6. So you got your first, second, third and forth mod all done on Friday. Looks good, just keep an eye on your balljoints with that lift kit, it's a bit rough on the suspension angles and can cause early wear.
  7. I'm the same way when getting into a new truck. Only it's my toy, a Plymouth Duster right now, that gives me the thrills. Besides, I don't want my Daily Driver to be the one that get's me into trouble. I just want it to get me from point A to B, while towing the trouble... My 5.3/8sp High Country does that perfectly fine, and in comfort...
  8. You shouldn't be squatting with the RC block in the rear and 5100's up front. If anything the front should still be lower.
  9. Not from GM, but I'm sure some Chinese company on flea-bay makes them...
  10. After years of driving in the snow I can tell you, the first tires to slide off the road are bald tires, the second tires to slide off the road are Iroks and big mud tires just like them. They are no better than bald tires. Snow isn't the problem, it's packed down snow and ice... And nothing short of studded tires and chains (both not legal for road use in my area) will help you on black ice.
  11. I've run Duratracs in the past, they are only good for about the first 20k km. After that they are loud and not so good on hard packed snow.
  12. That is because the aspect ratio (55) is the same. A 255/85r16 or a 275/60r20 are both taller than a 285/55r20, because the aspect ratio is higher. A 295/50 and 305/50 are both smaller than a 285/55. Aspect ratio ultimately determines height.
  13. I actually have Hurcules Avalanche Xtremes on the truck, which is a winter tire. But, it doesn't matter what tire when its black ice...
  14. No I wasn't going fast to start with, it actually slid in pretty slow. The shoulder was just black ice, no matter what I did it kept going towards the ditch. I'm sure there are some scratches down the side, but I'll deal with those in the spring, when I detail the truck...
  15. Decided the hard way that it is going to get a levelling kit and A/T tires soon... I pulled over to reply to a text, and the shoulder was pure ice. By the time the truck had stopped sliding it was half way into the ditch, and the more I tried to get out the further into the ditch it slide. Even the tow truck had a hard time, the truck wanted to go straight and not up and out... I don't think the A/T tire would actually have stopped me from going into the ditch, but they may have helped get myself out. With a little more meat to the treads, the tires might have had a chance of pulling me out. And the levelling kit will give me the clearance for a bigger tire, giving me more clearance on the ground. There were a number of factors that screwed me here, so who really knows. 6" and 35's could've gotten stuck here...

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