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  1. The strategy is to change it up... mosaic black and garnet red are Chevy's base colors. All other colors are changed every few years. This isn't a new concept.
  2. They look like the GMC All Terrain wheels, painted/powder coated black.
  3. I think some nice vinyl cut over those illuminated squares would really help the look of that head unit. It would let them blend away and not look as awkward as they do...
  4. Yeah I figured there were a lot I wouldn't take my truck down. Just wanted to know if there were trails a stock truck could do. I'm looking to do Moab, come back up to Canada through Yellowstone and hit Jasper National park, before heading home. About 3 weeks total.
  5. I want to do this in the next few years. Were there many trailer you could take your truck down?
  6. Bigger Tires Lower MPG

    Heavier tires, more power needed to get the tires rotating, typically bigger tires are A/T's or M/T's which have horrible aerodynamics, and a leveling kit is usually used to achieve the fit of bigger tires, again effecting aerodynamics.
  7. What I would like to see, will never happen. A Regular cab long box with a 6.2 or even the old tried and true 6.0 (no displacement on demand or start/stop) and a 6speed manual. One piece or 60/40 bench, none of this 40/20/40 nonsense. Electric lockers (rear minimum, but front would be nice too), manual shift transfer case, bare bones truck. Maybe with power window, locks and A/C as those seem the be base model stuff on most vehicles anyway anymore. Basically give me the option to buy the 2019 version of my old 79 K10 long box, with a 454 and sm465.
  8. But it also seems Ford can't do it, there are a lot of complaints about Ford's panoramic roof leaking. Maybe GM just doesn't want to deal with that. Personally my sunroof is enough.
  9. Sold my 95

    I just bought new and kept the old truck. My 91 wasn't costing me much anyway, and wasn't worth much either, and I just wanted something new. If or when the 305 going in the 91, I'll park it and slowly build a new motor. I've grown quite attached to the old girl, couldn't bare to part with her.
  10. Mine will vibrate the seat, flash a red light on the windshield and ding. I don't mind the vibration, and don't find it uncomfortable at all. Then again, it doesn't go off that often.
  11. I used a ceramic coating I got off of Amazon. Makes them easier to clean.
  12. Not in my area. A full size GM SUV is consistently $5-15k more than a comparable truck, depending on year. Even going back 15 years a 2003 Yukon is $2-5k more than a Sierra crew cab.

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