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  1. First home under contract

    Since it was still working, it isn't something they are asked to replace.
  2. I was wondering what the differences were between the Intune and the Predator2? Anyone have experience with both or know the difference? Doesn't really say much on the website. Difference is about $50 in price, with the Intune being more. I assume the Intune has more features, but looking for real life examples and reviews. Any help and insight is appreciated. Intune - http://www.diablosport.com/shop/products/intune-i3-for-gm-platinum-1.html Predator 2 - http://www.diablosport.com/shop/products/predator-2-for-gm-gas-truck-and-suv.html
  3. First home under contract

    Yeah I am hoping either they agree to replace or it goes out during the home warranty period so it doesn’t cost me much. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. First home under contract

    Gonna have to get one of them rabbits from Monty Python to protect the land.
  5. First home under contract

    So the inspection was this morning. The roof is not 20 years old like it was originally noted, more like 13ish. Has some years left in it and no hail damage. Furnance is brand new, but the AC unit looks to be 20 years old so that will be on my watch list. The hot water heater is old as well and will need watched. Luckily I am getting a home warranty with the purchase provided at the sellers expense so that is nice to have. Their was a nut on the main water line into the house that is broken that will need replaced and the gas fireplace, the pilot light wouldn't stay lit so not sure what was wrong with that. Everything else was pretty much okay, just some maintenance things. The handle on the microwave was broken, the wood above the garage door wasn't sealed properly from the outside so it has water damage and needs replaced, the windows all need cleaned as they are hard to open, the basement has had minor leaking in the past (probably during long hard rains) and the sump pit was dry, etc. Just minor maintenance things for the most part. I am going to negotiate for the bigger things like the water line and see what they will do for the AC unit and water heater if anything. Should know more within about 10 days, but things are looking good.
  6. First home under contract

    Yeah. This is a 20yr old house so it wasn't remodeled. I did view a few and most of them I found so many areas where they cut corners that it made me doubt the other areas that I couldn't see. Since this is my first house, I want to get the inspection for a piece of mind. If it's worthless, it is a lesson learned. I just don't feel comfortable doing it myself at this point in my life.
  7. First home under contract

    I have seen this inspector work before and he seemed to take his job seriously, but I get what you are saying.
  8. First home under contract

    Yes, I am hoping to find somethings in the inspection to help negotiate a better deal. I am currently paying a little more than I was hoping, but a few grand on a better house is more ideal than saving a few grand for a shitty house that needs work. IMO GREAT ADVICE! I need to write these point down. This is exactly what I was looking for. Someone with experience that had key insight. You seem like you were a great person to contract with. Wish their were more people around like you.
  9. First home under contract

    That's some very smart advice. Thanks for that.
  10. First home under contract

    Ah, gotcha. Yeah I am interested in seeing what the average utilities cost is. I'm thinking since it is a ranch it won't be too bad. I know my utilities will be electric, gas, water, sewer, and trash. Not sure what each one of those will run.
  11. First home under contract

    Yes. I plan on bringing a notebook and writing down enough stuff to make me look like an investigator haha. This is all good advice. I believe I might have to put in a french drain in the back yard as it has a slight hill that slopes towards the house, but doesn't reach the house. You can see where the water runs in the back yard and is pretty far from the house, but still something that worries me. I will ask the inspector about it. That and the roof is my two main concerns. I grew up in a house where the basement leaked and I know how much of a headache that is. It was always my core to help clean up that mess.
  12. First home under contract

    My brother is going to be the person I go through to get my mortgage, so I can b*tch all I want in that instance and still expect great service. I mean Christmas is coming so he can't get pissed or else he is getting coal Good thoughts. I know it already has a sump pit, but not a pump and with the basement being finished and the carpet down there not being new I think that I would have known if it leaks much. I would prefer to have a pump added, but that's something I can always do later. The roof is something I am questioning as I am afraid it is the original roof. I am hoping the inspector finds hail damage or something that makes the seller turn in an insurance claim and gets it fixed prior to me taking possession. Also, I live in STL so not sure about a hydro bill, or what that really is. I would prefer a gas stove, and it is probably some i could add since it has a gas fireplace, but it is something I will live with for now.
  13. First home under contract

    It is scheduled for next Monday. I was with a girl that bought a house through the same buyers agent I have and the inspect she had was amazing. I believe I am getting the same person. He was very thorough and explained everything as he went along. He would point out things that weren't huge issues but still wanted you to be aware of them. Answering any questions along the way. I think I will be happy if it is the same guy. Thanks for that tip though. My buyers agent is a best friends Aunt.
  14. First home under contract

    So I just got under contract for my first ever house yesterday. Closing will be in January. This entire process is fairly new to me, but I feel as if I know the basics. I am wondering if there are any tips/tricks/insights you all would have that would help me out in the process of buying, owning, maintaining, really anything that would be helpful knowledge or that you wish you would have known when buying your first house. Yes, I know it's going to be expensive, and probably more so then I could imagine. So details on the house, it's a 3bd/2.5ba ranch style house. 2 car garage, 1,200 sqft, finished basement, fenced back yard, gas fireplace, electric appliances, one skylight. The furnace was just replaced last year and the seller is providing a 1 yr home warranty.
  15. Falken AT-3 is what I will be switching to when my bridgestones wear out. Lots of people on here use them of Cooper AT3. Both good.

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