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  1. I usually run my AC on auto at all times. These systems have to run at full blower speed at times just to keep the evaporator dry, to avoid the mildewing/ moldy smell. You may do this as well, but I know its helped me with my 17 compared to my 14. With my 14, my AC smelled like youre describing, never complained to dealer though so I dont know if them performing any cleanings would have prevented it. I changed the filter on my 14 and it helped a lot, thats when I started using auto 90% of the time. Havent had any issues with my 17 thus far, using the auto function. I usually set my temp to 70 most of the time.
  2. Bump! Message me for pics via text or email!
  3. DL8 Mirrors are Heated, Power Adjust, and Manual Fold.
  4. I just ordered a new badge from eBay. It was like 15 bucks or so. Removed the old red badge and installed the new black one. All of 10 mins to install
  5. I have recently removed my dl8 mirrors off of my 17 Silverado. I can text pictures to anyone who is interested (im posting on my phone) asking 165.00 shipped I also removed the painted black door handles and mirror caps (clips are good) removed from same truck at 2500 miles. I went to chrome. Asking 275.00 shipped for the handles. Again, pics can be provided via text or email. Items are "like new" condition. Thanks. Dm me email addresses or cells for pics. When I get to work I'll try and post pics. Thanks
  6. I ordered the DIY dl8-dl3 kit from pgamboa. Installation was a BREEZE! He was there to help, if/when needed! The provided instructions were VERY clear and spot on! Took me about 2-3 hrs to install both sides. Probably could have been faster had I not picked up that first corona, that turned into 6. But I appreciate your help and knowledge! Everything works as it should!
  7. When you're ready for color matched door handles, and mirror caps, I have some. Pulled them off my 17 with 5k miles
  8. WTB: Chrome window sill trim for K2XX crew cab

    Any chrome ones still avail?
  9. Nice. I'm in the market for a set of the chrome ck156. I currently have the 18in z71 wheels. Can't wait to get them off!
  10. 2016 Xpensive Chevy Silverado Crew Cab Build

    Nice build! Those headlights look good!
  11. Really? Kool. Well I'm scheduling mine next week to go in. So we'll see if I'm lucky. My truck seems like it lacks power. I drove a GMC Sierra the other day and it felt so much better that I though it was a 6.2. Popped the hood and it was a 5.3. I was like wtf! Feels way more responsive than mine
  12. Dealer told me pretty much the same as everyone. GM knows about it and blah blah. I think, personally, they have a fix, just preparing for the large amount of trucks that will need to be prepared. But who the hell knows

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