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  1. 3" rear block and shock extenders

    Sold. Extenders were bought from ebay.
  2. Selling 3" rear blocks and u-bolts with shock extenders. 80$ shipped.
  3. 2.5" Motofab Level

    Yup it sure is.
  4. 2.5" Motofab Level

  5. 2.5" Motofab Level

    Ok sounds good just let me know
  6. 2.5" Motofab Level

    I believe it will. The part number is CH-25.
  7. 2.5" Motofab Level

  8. Could you post some pictures of the trimming you had to do on the inner fender liner?
  9. 2.5" Motofab Level

    I have a brand new 2.5" Motofab level for sale. Only selling because I went with Coilovers. $40 Shipped.
  10. I added a set of these of these over the weekend. They are awesome! Set at 2.5" lift in the front and added a block in the back to gain 1".
  11. GMC Sierra Z71

  12. The Mekanik's '16 DC All Terrain build

    Have pics of the CV Angle after the diff drop?
  13. I honestly think you will not need it. The guy at cognito said he ran an 11.50 tire and never had any issues with rubbing on their control arms. I plan on running the same set up as you except with the 35x11.5 ridge grapplers. I actually have everything except the control arms and tires. Just bought a house so recouping some funds right now but I hope to get it all together soon. I was told I should be fine with that setup and if anything a .25" spacer may be needed but unlikely.
  14. I was told by cognito that you shouldn't have any problems until you get wider than 11.50 on a factory wheel. Any more than that there might be some slight rub on the control arm.
  15. 2.5" level for sale

    $50 Shipped!

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