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  1. Well, call me crazy, but we bought another one. Same issues, but this is literally the only vehicle that can fit my family comfortably. The dealership did the road force balance and added the extra "sealing" to the head liner, but still the same issues. We, as a family, have just learned to deal with it. The kids keep head phones on, and I keep the music cranked up. Maybe the booming is causing me to go insane and thats why we bought another one. The 1st one we bought was a GMC Yukon XL SLT with 20" wheels. This time we bought the Chevy Suburban LTZ with 22" wheels. There is no difference in the sound, my opinion only. All the trucks have this issue. We drove numerous models from all three (Caddy, Chevy, GMC). The dealership wanted to keep trying things, but I told them NO, and we picked it back up. They did however note on the paperwork that the truck was not fixed, but that the customer wanted it back.
  2. This is why I don't have Facebook. Childish comments that have zero relevance to the topic. Enough. Most of us really want this to be resolved, and opinions will not get anything it done. We are expecting our 2016 to be ready next month. My family is hopeful that the info regarding the duramat is the ticket to happiness.
  3. Wanted give an update. I have test drove the latest Cadillac, Suburban and Yukon. All with the intermin model build, all have the same noise. It sounds like a window is down. Some are worse than others, but they all have it. We almost bought a new Yukon XL last weekend, but we backed out. The vehicle is so nice and fits my family of 6, but I just can't get past the feeling in my head. Crazy that we would even consider doing it all over again, but the truck is perfect, other than the pressure. As of now, they have not fixed the issue, or have a fix in the works. Does anyone have an inside track on when the 2016's come out?
  4. They repurchased mine. It was not a wind flex issue. I saw the amount of material they used on my liner. Tubes of glue and more supports and it didn't change a thing.
  5. So what are the chances of someone unhooking all the power and towing the vehicle down the road while sitting inside. That would at least narrow it down. Either electrical or mechanical.
  6. So I guess I need someone to tell me its all in my head. The reason we pursued the buy back from GM was because of the headaches and pressure we (my wife and 4 kids) were experiencing. I drove my Yukon XL daily, and they were in it on the weekends. I still have daily headaches and pressure. After seeing the doctor several times, 2 hits of different antibiotics, the doctor wants me to have an MRI. Thought it was sinus issues, but they ruled that out. I'm 33 and never have had any issues in the past. I am hoping this is pure coincidence. Has anyone else had the vehicle bought back, and still suffer from these symptoms?
  7. Hey first timeGmbuyer: Well I showed up with a local TV station (my brother works there), and they have this segment called " Turn to 2" . When they realized the camera people were there to film and ask questions, the process sped up. Call the BBB and the States Attorney Genral and file a formal complaint. It's cheaper for GM to buy your vehicle back versus bad plublicy. They have money set aside for these instances. Chump change in other words. They would rather you go away, but would be more than happy to just take the vehicle back. Make sure to start a new service ticket every time you take the vehicle. I took the vehicle back home knowing it was still broken but it forced then to start a new ticket. In ohio, three strikes your out in the lemon law. I was at 8 and they just bought it back because they knew I would have smoked then in court.
  8. A car. There was nothing comparable and if there was, it would have been for a 36 month lease. Disappointing. It's like when Americans complain about manufacturing jobs in the US, but still do all there shopping at Walmart, king of China. Same thing here. We all complain about this, but still purchase the vehicle and we force nobody's hand.
  9. Well, signed a 24 month short term lease. Ugh! I really want my Yukon XL back. Sad that I miss it, even with the pressure/noise issue. If I didnt have four kids, I would have kept the truck and just rode around with my ear plugs I use when I go shooting. I guess the only thing I can look forward to is the possible 10 speed transmission for the 2017 model. Yay.
  10. Those are some of the PMs from GM. Nothing helpful. Eventually, they will always tell you to take it to the dealership. I am on a 24 hr test drive right now with a 2015 LTZ. Nice truck. Same noise. We drove a Cadillac esv. Same issue. We drove a 2015i Denali. Same issue. We drove a 2015 expedition platinum. No issue but not nearly as nice. The past week all I have done is test drive vehicles and every single dealer I spoke with said that this was the first they had heard of this. So either the problem is not as bad as we all think it is, or they are covering there butts. Literally don't know what to do at this point. ( I am screaming inside with frustration)
  11. FOURKNUCKLES, GM Customer Service has replied to a personal conversation entitled "Cabin noise". GM Customer Service said: Hi Ryan, As I mentioned, we'll be in touch with you as we get more information. My apologies I don't have a better resolution at this time. Andraya GM Customer Care FOURKNUCKLES, GM Customer Service has replied to a personal conversation entitled "Cabin noise". GM Customer Service said: Hi Ryan, Thank you for providing you information. I apologize for the delay in response, my name is Andraya and I am assisting Jennifer while she is out of the office. At this time we are still working toward a resolution. To alleviate this concern, please roll both back windows down approximately four inches. As we get more information, we will keep you posted. Andraya (assisting) GM Customer Care
  12. FOURKNUCKLES, GM Customer Service has replied to a personal conversation entitled "Regarding your vehicle concern". GM Customer Service said: Hello Ryan, I just got word that your vehicle is still at the dealership where they are looking into another option to resolve your vibration issue. Is this correct? I understand that if this issue is not resolved you would like to look into the option of a buyback. I would like to wait until the outcome of today to proceed with your request. Again, thank you for your patience, and we do apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. Kind regards, Jennifer T. GM Customer Care FOURKNUCKLES, GM Customer Service has replied to a personal conversation entitled "Cabin noise". GM Customer Service said: Ryan, I apologize, I did not realize I missed your message. I do not have any information. We have informed the proper people of this and once we get any information we will be sure to reach out to you. A buy back or switching your vehicle is something that would have to be discussed with your dealership. We are unable to assist with that. Thank you, Andraya GM Customer Care
  13. FOURKNUCKLES, GM Customer Service has replied to a personal conversation entitled "Regarding your vehicle concern". GM Customer Service said: Hello Ryan, I understand that you are in the middle of working with your dealership to have your vehicle bought back. I am closing the case I created for you but I will check in with you in about a week or so to follow up. Please feel free to contact me during this time to if you need my assistance. Best regards, Jennifer T. GM Customer Care
  14. andymac...... nice note. GM Customer Service, cat got your tongue? Or can you not respond because you just drove a 2015 YUKON and your feeling nauseous? As the creator of this thread, if there was a way to block future comments from you (GM Customer Service), I would. Until you have some meaningful info to pass along, keep your "approved" responses to yourselves. Not only are they silly, they make you look uneducated. I am really hoping you know more than you are leading on. I want to buy another one, and as it seems now, the people on this thread want the issue to be fixed more than GM. We (the guests who have posted) have done more R&D than you. Although the Ford Expedition L is no where near as nice as the YUKON XL, it's looking and sounding better everyday.
  15. http://cfaa.autoremarketers.com/web/commerce/Item.aspx?ListingId=8887618&EventId=110505 Link above is my vehicle. Sold at auction on 11-11-14. Not sure what it means, but GMC is still making money off a vehicle that has issues.....

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