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  1. Same here, once hot its just above the 20 mark at idle.
  2. I was wondering what oil pressures folks are seeing in their newer 6.0s. I see a little north of 20 at hot idle and never anything above 50. Sound about right for a 2017 6.0 with around 12k? My 2014 1500 5.3 had consistently higher pressures.
  3. Got the truck back today. The dealer said it was the valve cover gasket. Time will tell.
  4. I can't tell where it's coming from. I sincerely hope it's not from the actual head.
  5. I'm bringing my truck a 2017 Silverado CC 6.0 2500 to the dealer for an oil leak. The leak appears to be coming from the rear of the drivers side head. Oil is running down onto the exhaust manifold and onto the block, pan etc. Has anyone had a similar experience. Is there something I should look out for? I really love this truck I hope it's something minor.
  6. Safest to drive with the traffic. Slow drivers probably create more numerous accidents and create traffic. Fast drivers likely create fewer but more deadly accidents.
  7. Nice truck. My last truck was silver ice metallic. Love that color!
  8. Thanks all for the info. I'm going to adjust the trailer brakes and go from there. Just seems strange that the aftermarket controller on the 1500 locked them and now only a 5 mph adjusted to a max of 10
  9. I was wondering if it was by design, but others seem to be able to lock them up, no?
  10. Yes, same trailer. Bigger truck handles the trailer sooo much better. I'm just concerned about the brakes not locking up and therefore not assisting enough.
  11. I towed my 30' travel trailer this last weekend and could not lock the wheels up with the OEM brake controller in my 17' 2500 CC. I had an after market brake controller in my 1500 that would lock the trailer brakes if adjusted all the way up. The current truck will lock the wheels at low speeds but not at 25 mph where I used to adjust them. I cleaned the contacts and have the controller set to 10 (max). Anyone have a similar experience? Shouldn't they lock up with the controller on 10?

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