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  1. Looking for 3 Row SUV

    Look at the Traverse. My wife loves hers, her favorite car so far. Great for hauling people with more interior space than a Tahoe. Only thing better is a minivan.
  2. I like it. Definitely see the other chevy trucks in the looks. People are associating it with the Fords because it has a more modern look. They have taken more chances here than in the last redesign. It will be interesting to see the new Rams.
  3. Has anyone had the recall: “2017367 - Incorrect torsion bar built into front seat belt retractors”, done yet? How invasive to the truck is it? My truck is a 2017 LT CC 6.0.
  4. Anyone having "issues" with Car Play connecting on the first attempt? We also have a Ford Escape and it connects on the first try, every time. The truck often needs to be unplugged and then plugged in a second time to connect to Car Play. Not the end of the world, but annoying. Anyone know of an issue with a specific app or some other setting that could be creating the problem? Once connected it works well with no problems.
  5. I have about 14,500 miles on them. So far, so good. They are just too dam skinny for this truck at 245 75 R17s. What size KO 2a will you get?
  6. I have noticed a light thump on occasion when the truck a 2017 2500 CC 6.0 is decelerating. It is no where near as loud as it was on my 2014 5.3, but still noticeable. Anyone else hearing this? Any fix? Any drive shaft or leaf spring issues?
  7. Same here, once hot its just above the 20 mark at idle.
  8. I was wondering what oil pressures folks are seeing in their newer 6.0s. I see a little north of 20 at hot idle and never anything above 50. Sound about right for a 2017 6.0 with around 12k? My 2014 1500 5.3 had consistently higher pressures.
  9. Got the truck back today. The dealer said it was the valve cover gasket. Time will tell.
  10. I can't tell where it's coming from. I sincerely hope it's not from the actual head.
  11. I'm bringing my truck a 2017 Silverado CC 6.0 2500 to the dealer for an oil leak. The leak appears to be coming from the rear of the drivers side head. Oil is running down onto the exhaust manifold and onto the block, pan etc. Has anyone had a similar experience. Is there something I should look out for? I really love this truck I hope it's something minor.
  12. Safest to drive with the traffic. Slow drivers probably create more numerous accidents and create traffic. Fast drivers likely create fewer but more deadly accidents.

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