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  1. I ran out of time, but I started to grease the front end fittings on my 2017 2500 and may pick up a 90 fitting for the grease gun. This was my second time greasing the fittings and its kind of a PITA ;( I think a 90 may help for some of the tight spaces. Jacking up the front end may also make it easier. I had the truck on ramps and that didn't help much.
  2. And GM remained the largest until over taken by Toyota only a few years ago.
  3. How many “shots” with a grease gun do you folks usually use on the front end fittings? Is it possible to over grease anything?
  4. The dealer told you what you wanted to hear. Typical salesman, tell you anything to make the deal.
  5. I have looked up the car fax on cars I have returned off lease and the information was useless. I had one car that had the engine replaced, car fax listed it as an electrical issue. Not even close. Would OnStar have a record?
  6. It looks like you took great care of the 2004. I'm sure that new beauty is going to last you a long time. Congrats!!!!
  7. A console shifter is a huge waste of space and collects dust and dirt. I hope GM never goes down that road. Even in cars it’s a waste. Only a manual should go on the floor.
  8. Looking for 3 Row SUV

    Look at the Traverse. My wife loves hers, her favorite car so far. Great for hauling people with more interior space than a Tahoe. Only thing better is a minivan.
  9. I like it. Definitely see the other chevy trucks in the looks. People are associating it with the Fords because it has a more modern look. They have taken more chances here than in the last redesign. It will be interesting to see the new Rams.
  10. Has anyone had the recall: “2017367 - Incorrect torsion bar built into front seat belt retractors”, done yet? How invasive to the truck is it? My truck is a 2017 LT CC 6.0.
  11. Anyone having "issues" with Car Play connecting on the first attempt? We also have a Ford Escape and it connects on the first try, every time. The truck often needs to be unplugged and then plugged in a second time to connect to Car Play. Not the end of the world, but annoying. Anyone know of an issue with a specific app or some other setting that could be creating the problem? Once connected it works well with no problems.

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