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  1. I have run a Totron bar in my grille for the last few years. Never had an issue with the bar. https://www.totron.com/products/dc-series-led-light-bars/30-inch-180w-led-light-bar-detail
  2. I just put in a set of the Morimoto 2stroke led's into my 14 sierra. They work great so far.
  3. I have two switches mounted in the overhead console on the front lip on either side of the passenger air bag light. For my rear aux lights I removed one of the 12v plugs and placed the switch in the void.
  4. No I didn't take any photos when doing the install. I wish everything would fit into the housing but with the ballast and anti-flicker module there is no way. I used the grommet I had in the dust cap from my hids to run the wires into the light. The dust caps they provide would work however on the passenger side with the air box there is no way it would work. I took it for a drive and the light out put is great but doesn't seem as bright as with the 55w hid's I had in there but overall I'm very pleased with the lights. Its nice having the instant on vs having to wait for the hid's to warm up.
  5. My passenger side HID ballast took a shit, so I decided to try something new and I ordered the Morimoto 2stroke LED kit from theretrofitsource. Got them installed and they look great!
  6. Another vote for BlackVue from me. I have the 650 2 channel and it has been great so far.
  7. I finally finished up the install of my JL center console stealth box. I have not disabled the active noise cancellation yet but I have yet to drive the truck with the sub working. So far that little 10 hits pretty good.
  8. I had this happen to me once. Let it sit overnight and it was back to normal when I restarted it.
  9. My JL console stealthbox arrived today. I need to pick up an amp wiring kit and will try and knock out the install on my next days off.
  10. Knives!

    My daily carry is a Benchmade Mini-Infidel
  11. Started getting the things needed to install a sub in my truck. I picked up a JL amp, Audio Control LC2 and a bass knob. Going to order my sub here in a few days. Decided to go with the JL custom box to replace the stock bose shit.
  12. Message Block8head he custom makes them. Here is the one I have in my truck. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Got my aeroforce interceptor gauge and block8head pod installed. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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