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  1. It's reading like this gap is going to grow ion the 2019's
  2. Full 4x4 locks the drive-line into full time drive not the same as Auto. Auto uses a clutch type system so the wheels have some drive and can still slip. In full 4x4 with the wheels locked and all spin at the exact same speed so you can bind up the system up if they are not allowed to spin. If your feeling the bind you are getting to much traction and need to switch back to auto. I only switch it on when the road is at 100% no traction. The 4 Auto lets me know though as truck starts sliding all over so I need more drive.
  3. Kill switch is the best especially if you get one of the hidden kind. Not sure about the new electronics. But I had my 91 Camaro rigged so you had to hold down the door lock switch then turn the key to start it. But if they want it they will just drag it up onto a roll back.
  4. Dealer install only, free under warranty charge if not in warranty.
  5. The radios in these things can get fussy. I had the one in my 2014 just decide to not shut off one day. Even after the accessory power timeout. Disconnected the battery to shut it down. It never happened again after that. The 2016 just randomly goes back to the home screen for no reason when I start the truck, others have this issue from what I've seen. I think the control module just gets confused.
  6. They have found issues with the safety systems failing in front end collisions. GM has relocated the batteries in allot of their vehicles. It took me two days of looking to find the battery in the 2010 Traverse I bought. It was behind the passenger seat in the floor. I know they did this to the trucks for the same reason due to air bag failures. It's safer but as with most of these fixes it's a pain to deal with.
  7. I customized the right side tires and rims to get a lower ride. All you need is a dark road under the I75, with no street lighting, A protruding Storm drain 8 inches into your lane. Now here is the tricky part you have to just clip it to destroy two tires and take chunks out of the rims.. Thanks Lexington KY for all you help with this MOD It is a little expensive , I have almost $4000 Canadian invested in this. Not the best trip to Florida we have had... Cold half the trip then hit this stupid Storm drain when we stopped for the night. I had to buy a second spare tire just to get home. The 22's are nice their expensive to replace.... Hat's off to Dan Cummins in Paris KY they had us fixed up with a spare in a day and went out of their busy busy day to help us out. At least she is all back to normal now and I didn't bend anything other then the chunked out rims.
  8. The CD rattles in my 2016,,, It did in my 2014 as well, It rattled in my 2010 and 2013 Traverses. Just stick a disk in seems to stop it.
  9. Truck pulls to left when braking

    Have you checked the rear drum... Your so focused on the front. If the adjuster or brake cyclinder are going it may be out of adjustment or sticking. That would feel like the front is pulling over as well. When I had my 1991 Silverado it had an issue and a retaining clip had actually slipped off.
  10. A good engine cleaner and then just a garden hose rinse. I put a plastic bag over the Airaid intake filter.
  11. They seem good only if you are from up north and they salt the roads I wouldn't get them. The salt causes issues with them.
  12. Just make sunroofs a option on all trims. I refuse to go to the top trim level just to get one. This is the case with all of GM vehicles though. I had a base 1993 Caviler with a sunroof.
  13. 95% of AWD are just rear wheel assist. Most of them are front wheel drive systems and barely send enough power to the rear wheels to do anything. Subaru and Land-rover are the exceptions incredible AWD systems. To me AWD drive means all wheels can drive or push the vehicle. Trucks are Trucks I don't include them in this the Auto mode in the truck is good for 95% of my driving.

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