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  1. Speed Limiter hides vehicle manufacturers defect from consumers

    Count your self as lucky there has been other on here that were not so lucky.
  2. Speed Limiter hides vehicle manufacturers defect from consumers

    Regardless your screwed... The on board computes now loop count and gm know how many times it's been programmed . When it comes back even one count higher then their records they will deny the warranty on the truck for good. They even know if a code reset has been done but I haven't seen them do anything about that yet.
  3. The Alternator was probably working overtime trying to charge the dead battery and just over heated that cable to the point it failed.
  4. Ontario just set side windows at 70% which is a wast of money as they are not much darker than Stock. At least my truck is grandfathered in as the new law is for any vehicle built after Jan, 1 , 2017. That being said my police officer friends all still tint their personal car windows dark. I expect the cyclist will get it banned completely as that sport grows more as they pushed this last change through.
  5. I've seen lots of battery failures take out the alternator. So many that I just replace the battery now every 3 to 4 years. I've seen three times in GM's I owned over the years. That and I don't want to get stuck somewhere ha ha..
  6. The charging system only gives the battery what it needs. If it's low it will kick it up and give it more. If the battery is charged it falls into more of a trickle charge mode. It's way better for the battery then the old days when the more you revved the engine the more more power it sent to the battery. All of the electronics draw bad on all modern vehicles without the variable charging batteries would be dying left and right.
  7. I've seen a GM theft deterrent system fail the vehicle still had power. The starter is just disabled. If it's not ground related then it starting to sound like the BCM is having issues. The key has noting to do with actually anything. The BCM is telling everything to turn on and off. If it isn't sending our the power up signals nothing will happen. These electronic bugs are pain to figure out.
  8. Battery Cable hot and ground. Also do not rule out a internal short in the battery as well. Have you tried to hook jumper cables up when it's like this and see if it comes back. It is acting like a ground failure.
  9. That page was only available on the SLT's and LTZ's in 2014.
  10. It sounds like the Battery is on the way out. They get weak and with these LANBUS systems they start to act up when voltage is low.
  11. I seen my biggest change from switching to full synthetic oil. The intake makes little difference. As soon as winter hits and the cold air starts the millage just drops on these things.
  12. I'll tell you this right now when the 10 speed that is in the Fords now hit the GM's they will shift like crap even though they shift so well in the Fords. GM programs their transmissions to stay into the highest gear possible for as long as possible. So in normal flat driving they are fine but start dealing with allot of throttle and stop and go they are in the wrong gear half the time so they make harsh shifts. To me this all started around 2005 when GM held on to the 4 speed to long. It's the mind set they use when programming. That is why everyone who gets a tune has instant better shifting because the remove all of this. My opinion is the extra few mpg are not worth it. Just my 2 cents.
  13. On my Stock 2014 with 20 inch rims that had a stock 285 the KO2's rubbed the Duratrac's didn't. You really don't know until you try them.. I knew the shop foreman where I did my tires though and he had stock on both so was willing to test fit one.
  14. If you need to tow heavy loads then the 3.42 is recommended all though some have done it with the 3.08. However, if your not towing you will never have any issues with that rear end and you fuel millage will be better.
  15. I've kept every vehicle I've owned from rusting from salt using the same method for years. In the spring I put the vehicle in the air on jacks and ramps. Crawl under and hand wash the salt off.. No rust proofing ever used as I find it causes more issues than it worth especially when things get older and need a repair.... The 2014 Sierra frame like to rust but I kept this up with cleaning and touch ups.... The effort needs to be put in though just expecting things to never rust is not reasonable.

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