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  1. Service Techs, would you adjust this?

    It did pull the same with the old tires. And they swapped LF and RF. No change. They were just too lazy to do the alignment. It shouldn't surprise me. When I bought the truck I had to force them to balance the tires. After agreeing to do so they dropped the air pressure to 50 psi (HD truck with LT tires call for 60F/70R) and told me I don't know what a 3/4 ton truck should ride like. After forcing them to do a road force balance and put the pressure back to factory door spec all was fine.
  2. I'd like to know if the avg tech thinks this is acceptable or would adjust it? Alignment requested when new tires installed. They put it on the rack, got these numbers and never touched it. When I returned and complained of the pull they claimed the did a steering position sensor calibration and the alignment is within spec. The way I read this, the numbers may be technically within spec, but there is significant room for improvement and balance left to right. 2015 GMC 2500HD, 6.0L, 4x4, Double Cab, 8' bed. Thanks
  3. Service History

  4. Service History

    Wondering what Dealer B can or can not see about work performed by Dealer A. TIA
  5. What Kinf Of E Track Straps

    I am just using ring attachments and regular straps. I also have 2x4 holders that I can use to create dividers.
  6. BFG KO2 Longevity

    30k and shot. Down to 3-4/32nd. These are LT rated on a 2500HD. Have seen light (for a HD Truck) towing and plowing.
  7. I used an add a circuit fuse tap, panel on left side of dash.
  8. I'd also go through any truck with a fine tooth comb looking for hack job mods. Or have a trusted shop to do so. Past abuse can be hard to detect, but hack work almost always leaves behind some trace. There's been more than one thread on here about stuff like that.
  9. Converting 1/2 ton to 3/4 ton

    If you are towing over what the VIN/door jam sticker calls for and get into an accident, you will be in a world of legal trouble. Cause of the accident or responsible party will be irrelevant. Something to consider.
  10. I participate on here in a similar way. Read nearly daily, sometimes several times a day but post infrequently. I mostly just respond when I have something new to add to the conversation that hasn't already been said. I have no complaints with a 50-100 post count and/or a time requirement to sell. I disagree somewhat with the 50 post minimum to respond to a classified ad. It was mentioned a new member looking to buy could PM the seller, but how many new people would be aware of that?
  11. The kicker is when I walked into the dealership I specifically asked for their HD Truck specialist. I'd been in Dodge/Ram trucks for 15 years prior so I was not as familiar with GM.
  12. If vehicle ever needs to be towed with two or four wheels on the ground you need to place the t-case in neutral to prevent destroying it. Without the ability to put it in neutral your only option is to pull the driveshaft(s).
  13. When I took delivery of my truck I asked the sales guy how to put transfer case into Neutral (didn't notice the "N" on the knob). He said you couldn't. Then I read the Owners Manual.
  14. My '15 did it several times. Dealer said they found a loose connection on one of the modules hidden in the dash. Not the actual touch screen itself. Been fine since, over a year now.
  15. I believe that would be used to lock in an item placed in the stake pocket.

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