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  1. Canadian GM Strike Over - Guess Who Won?

    Union dues are usually 2 hours pay per month.
  2. Who's This Guy?

    Welcome to the group Shane, beautiful truck!!
  3. Newb here. 1st post Mike my name

    Hi Mike, welcome to the forum!!
  4. From Chicago Area

    Welcome to the group!!
  5. Going to miss driving my Sierra for a awhile

    Sounds like your lucky to be alive!!
  6. First time GM owner

    Welcome to the group Mike!!
  7. Welcome to the group, nice truck!!
  8. Welcome to the group Butch!!
  9. If you have a console, this is a must have item.....great price too!
  10. New from Florida

    Welcome to the group Branden!!
  11. New member with first Silverado!

    Welcome to the group Carl, congrats on the new truck!!
  12. New here

    Welcome to the group Landon!!
  13. New Member from texas

    Welcome to the forum Shayne, how is the weather in your area?

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