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  1. G'day

    Welcome to the group, like your truck!!
  2. New member

    Glad you finally joined, really like your truck!!
  3. Sounds to me like you need to bleed the brakes again.
  4. Not sure how many miles are on your truck, but our Craigslist usually has several sets of new take off tires and wheels for less than a $1000.
  5. New to me

    Welcome to the group, beautiful truck!!
  6. New to this group

    Welcome aboard, like your truck!!
  7. New guy from IA

    Congrats on the truck, it's a beauty!!
  8. They are now offering unlimited data for $20. a month.
  9. New here

    Welcome to the team Ron!!
  10. Calling all old timers

    A compression check will tell if you need a valve job, but it sounds like you might have a bad lifter, pushrod or rocker arm. Pull a valve cover off and check for a loose rocker.
  11. Canadian GM Strike Over - Guess Who Won?

    Union dues are usually 2 hours pay per month.
  12. Who's This Guy?

    Welcome to the group Shane, beautiful truck!!
  13. Newb here. 1st post Mike my name

    Hi Mike, welcome to the forum!!

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