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  1. FS: Matte black grille OEM

    sale is pending. will update if sale does not go through
  2. FS: Matte black grille OEM

    yea that's the plan now. I wanted to go with oem parts but that didn't work out so I'm going to plastidip them weekend.
  3. FS: Matte black grille OEM

    I have a matte black grille with black mesh for sale. I purchased this to swap out the black mesh with my chrome on my 2014 but this mesh does not unclip. It is one whole piece. Asking $80 and buyer pays for shipping. Please PM if interested or would like more pics! P/N listed on back of grill: 22757227 LTZ 22757223 WT1 23164154 WT2 EDIT: Dropped price!!!!
  4. Does the mesh pop off or is there a special method to take it off?
  5. I don't mean to hijack the thread but I was able to locate a black grille and plan on swapping out my chrome mesh. The one I found is from an LTZ and mine is an LT. I dont see any issue but can anyone verify its an easy swap? I dint think grilles are different but not 100% sure. Thanks!
  6. Will do! mine is going on a 2014. According to another post this part number is for 2014--2015: 23385942 is for 2014-up 2500/3500's and 2014-'15 1500's
  7. I paid $227 with free shipping off ebay
  8. Just ordered mine off ebay! Cant wait to install
  9. Can anyone verify the part number for a 2014 Silverado crew cab? I have GM 23385942 but have seen other p/n posted in other posts. thanks in advance
  10. I would like to verify before purchasing that these will fit a 2014 Silverado Crew Cab? Is GM 22933515 the correct part number for cocoa dune interior? Thanks in advance!
  11. For those that bank with USAA, they sell vehicle warranties as well. I'm looking into one for my Toyota Tacoma. Wish I would've known this when I purchased my 2014 Silverado. I ended up getting a warranty from the dealership.
  12. Does anyone have a white diamond sitting on CK160s? I'm debating on buying a set but would like to see them on a truck before purchasing. I've seen them on a red, blue and black trucks but not on white diamond.
  13. Cleaning my truck, advice needed

    This is the process I go through when I detail my truck: 1) Wash & Dry 2) Clay Bar 3) Polish 4) Sealant (2-3 coats) 5) Wax (2 coats)
  14. I had one but it got damaged in the hail storm we had a few months back. I noticed it would slightly move when driving on the highway. slight flapping due to the wind. it didn't bother me at all. I replaced it with an undercover flex and I got say I like the flex more. I don't see hail damaging the flex. I have nothing negative to say about the paragon cover. its a nice cover and did what its meant to do.

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