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    2006 GMC Sierra 2500HD 4X4
  1. cjb321's 06 sierra 2500HD

    Guages are done.
  2. cjb321's 06 sierra 2500HD

    Nasty hail storm hit early this morning. From my bedroom it sounded like my poor truck was getting hammered but i guess i got lucky, just 1 little dent on the hood.
  3. cjb321's 06 sierra 2500HD

    Got the LEDs done in the dash, guages were supposed to be white but he did them in blue for some reason but im ok with it i guess. May change the needles to a different color but not sure what yet. Have the Escalade bezel on order so hopefully that'll come in soon.
  4. I've been running a Jasper reman'd 4l80e for 4 years now with no troubles, came with 3year/100k mile warranty.
  5. cjb321's 06 sierra 2500HD

    New dash pieces all came in finally. Couple weeks i should have the dash done with all LED and maybe the Escalade bezel. Bezel depends on the shop thats doing the LEDs for me, if thier price is cheaper than me buying it myself. Decided to get the cargo.fog switch combo instead of the blank because im going to use that switch to power a relay for the lights im going to add to the brushguard when i get them. Factory fogs im going to tie into the parking lights. Thats the plan anyway lol havent looked at everything yet to see if it'll work or not.
  6. If that bed came from Texas then it was from the coast, I live in west Texas and my truck is 11 years old and barely has surface rust on the frame. I'm in the same boat as you , self taught with auto shop class in high school but i dont have as many cool tools as you do lol. Hell i dont even have a garage Good luck with the truck, i enjoy watching the progress on peoples projects
  7. Full Lock's 2004 Avalanche Z71 (beater)

    They don't look too bad on there. Never was a fan of them myself either, but at least they help your Mom
  8. Half ton lug pattern is the same between the 06 and the 11. not sure on the width or offset though, think it depends on which wheels they are.
  9. cjb321's 06 sierra 2500HD

    For the past few months the starter on the truck has been acting up. Once the truck got warmed up the starter would fail to engage sometimes. Well i finally got tired of fighting with it and got a new one. Didnt take any pics cause it was dark out when i changed it but im sure we all know what a starter looks like. It was a pain though because the trans cooler lines run right next to the starter so unless you have really small hands it sucks. Did get some new parts for the truck also because im starting the the dash part of the build. Got new headlight and cargo/fog switches and after some thought i may as well order a new ac/heat controller. Going to do blue led swap in all 3. Got new ones because im not sure if the olds ones will last much longer. Headlight switch has a loose connection in it already and i never touch it lol. Guage cluster im going to do in white led because after looking at others i think it just too much blue, i have a plan that may look cool too if i can get it to work. If i do i'll do a write up for anyone who wants to copy.
  10. Post Pics of your "Other" Rides

    just got this a couple months ago, just v6 but its the premium version with the pony package, basically all the show none of the go. First year of this styling but last year of the 4.0L. got a killer deal on it when i was looking at an older cheaper one at the ford dealer up the street from my house. may get turned into a monster when i finish my truck. 2010 Mustang
  11. Devino 349s black/machined 17x10 -12 offset i think Factory Dodge wheels 17x8 +44 offset or something like that, needed 2in spacers to look right Factory H2 wheels 17x8.5 +18offset black caps on the dodge rims was a generic gm cap from ebay, chrome ones on the H2 wheels is stock GMC caps cut down a little to fit. oops just realized this was for the newer trucks.... delete if you want mods. Sorry
  12. cjb321's 06 sierra 2500HD

    i know this is a GM site and i'll prolly get bashed on about it and i kinda feel guilty but...... new daily driver: wish i could figure out a way to make my truck dash look like this:
  13. cjb321's 06 sierra 2500HD

    Final payment made as of 5 minutes ago. Paid off 9 months early Now i need to find a cheap beater so i can start doing the major stuff that's too hard to do when i have to drive it everyday.
  14. Daryl Z71's 2006 Silverado Z71 Build

    my driver side one has been broken for 3 years lol. i've gotten in the habit of reaching back and opening it from the inside.
  15. cjb321's 06 sierra 2500HD

    Daylight picture. Not sure why my truck is always dirty when i add new parts lol.

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