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  1. I hooked up my tuner which also doubles as a code reader. It did not show any type of codes but I did a "clear codes" anyways. That seemed to resolve the recurring "steering assist reduced" message. I'm all good now
  2. I think the original fuse for the heated steering wheel is only 7.5 amps
  3. I will deal with it for now...Is there any chance the code will reset itself? Would I be able to pull this type of code using my EFILive tuner? (I'll give it a try tomorrow.) Thanks for all your help.
  4. I have tried that a couple of times already after the install. But not since I took it out for a test drive. I’ll try it again later. I’m thinking/hoping a chassis code read/reset will eliminate the message. The only time that i see the message is at start up. I just dismiss it.
  5. I think so...I have scrolled through the menus with the right side buttons and successfully used the rear buttons. I have not used the cruise control yet but the light came on in the dash when I turned on the cruise.
  6. No...Airbag light is not on. And everything seems to feel OK while steering. Thoughts?
  7. So I just finished this mod. Complete with jumper wire from the left fuse block to the connector above the bcm. Everything works well with the steering wheel but when I was all done and started the truck I got the following message in the info center..."Steering Assist Reduced..." Does anyone have any idea if I this could be related to my adding the wire to the x203 connector above the BCM...maybe I dislodged a different wire. Or...could it have been caused by turning the steering wheel back and forth while the battery was disconnected to get at the airbag removal slots. I did this in my garage with full weight on the tires. Could have forcing the steering wheel to turn have caused a physical issue? The research I've done varies from a chassis code reset to a "gear in the electronic power steering" needing to be replaced. Any thoughts?
  8. I'm still hoping someone can confirm that these terminal ends would work on either ends of the wire between the 2 connectors. I'm also wondering what is different on steering wheels from the 2500/3500 truck and the Yukon/Tahoe/Suburban's...I've seen a few steering wheels from these vehicles but when you run the part numbers, it looks like they don't fit the 1500's. Ex: 84053939, Any help would be greatly appreciated .
  9. Now that Winter is here [middle of Canada - (Saskatchewan)], I really miss the heated wheel from my old vehicle. I am looking at doing this upgrade to the '17 RCSB. I need the jumper wire between the left fuse block and the connector above the BCM. As such, I am hunting for a local source for the terminals (shipping can be a killer in Canada). Can someone confirm that these that I found will work? Grote-metri-pack-280-series-18-14-gauge-female-10pk Grote-metri-pack-280-series-18-14-gauge-male-10pk
  10. I'm looking to upgrade to a heated steering wheel. I found a used one but I can't seem to find out for sure if it fits... From the part# - 23278656 , it seems to be from a 2500/3500 and has the collision alert button as well as the heat option. Most of the parts sites just list it as discontinued but don't list the fitment. Can anyone tell me if this wheel would fit on a '17 1500? Thanks for the help
  11. SASK_RT's RCSB

    SASK_RT's 2017 Regular Cab Short Box
  12. I thought I would put up a pic of my '17 RCSB. It is Graphite Metallic. I debugged it and added x-pel to cover most of the front as well as Putco Black Platinum Fender trim. I levelled the back with drop shackles. Next mods might be clazzio leather covers and side window vent shades.

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