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  1. best of luck to you. I sent in the form my dad got for his suburban. Got a voicemail saying my vin isn't affected. Called back and GM has ditched my calls ever since.
  2. WTS: 14-15 Silvy headlight trim

    found these still sitting on my shelf. bump
  3. im having such a hard time with this one. I don't feel like i shouldnt have to spend $100 for the new part when gm made a crap part the first time. But i also like the idea of OEM fit and function. im so torn!!!
  4. i really like the cargo hooks. I have found multiple times that the stock one on my 14 are not enough. Shouldn't have to buy more stuff to make the bed usable.
  5. hahahaha no worries... i have alerts on the classified and the picture popped up. Make sure to post on craigslist too, that's where mine ended up selling.
  6. nice pic lol glws
  7. awesome phil!! as soon as i throw a meter on mine to make sure it works ill be ordering one of these.
  8. its really not bad at all. get yourself some trim removal tools on amazon (like $10), you'll use them more than you think anyway. The mirror cap pops right off. Door handles are super easy too just tedious.
  9. keep an eye out on craigslist as well. Someone found me one i got it for $300 shipped.
  10. GM has stated that they want to create a larger divide between the two. Im hoping its all on the interior and they do some seriously cool stuff on the sierra.
  11. interesting... maybe a trail boss model option only? The other interior picture only has an "n" on it.
  12. what pic are you seeing this on?

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