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  1. yea that's a GREAT deal. I just filled out the reimbursement form that my dad got for his suburban and am mailing it out today. Well see what happens. Ill keep you all updated.
  2. my dad got one for his suburban too. going to fill it out and send it in for my truck. Whats the worst that happens?
  3. WTS: 14-15 Silverado Grille

    damn can't believe you guys slept on this one. SOLD for double lol.
  4. what was your method? assuming take the headlights out, then what? Did yours have double sided tape (ive heard some don't) ?
  5. Really?? How so? Took me like 45 to get off the spare one I had.
  6. Ok, grille is in. Happy birthday to me. No time to do the headlights since that’s such a bigger job. Will take more pictures tomorrow.
  7. thanks! and is that easily done once the console is already in? i.e. can i do the console with the jumpseat harness, get everything working with the exception of the front USB ports, then at a later time do that portion of it?
  8. yea but whats the "easy" way to power the one that is not hooked to the jump seat harness. I understand it would be power only and not data, and that's fine.
  9. That's insane. i was quoted $300. That is with me taking the bumpers off and apart and delivering to them as only the parts to be painted.
  10. sounds easy enough. and whats the fast easy way to power (only) the front usbs?
  11. yea its close but not close enough. it's the purple hues that i couldn't duplicate. Im sure some combination of a grey plastidip with a purple or red pearl dusted over the top would get really close but i could never get it there. I got some really good quotes from body shops to paint mine, so im just going to take them off in the spring and get them done.
  12. color match for sure. black would be better than chrome but you wouldn't be as happy as if you color matched.

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