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  1. Agri-Cover LOMAX Tri-Fold Bed Cover Giveaway

    1 - Which cover are you entering to win? Full size 6'6" bed 2 - Tell us why the LOMAX cover is perfect for your truck? Im constantly hauling tools doing work in what well call "shady" neighborhoods helping friends with their houses. A hard cover would add great security to the tools in my bed. 3 - What features are most important to you when buying a tonneau cover, why? Weatherproofing. Not having to worry about driving rain getting to whats inside is very important to me. That piece of mind that everything will stay dry is priceless. 4 - Do you have a tonneau cover on your truck? If so, which cover is it? Why are you looking for a change? Truxedo lo-pro QT. Its not secure enough, and the weaterproofing isn't great. The corners always seem to leak even in light rain. 5 - What do you use your truck for? Daily driver, light construction (mainly tools), family trips, grocery getting, beach trips, its really a jack of all trades.
  2. i like it but the front needs to be color matched and the bowtie needs to move back up **from a jalopnik comment
  3. WTS: 2018 wireless charger

  4. WTS: 2018 wireless charger

    bump, guy was supposed to pay last night and haven't heard from him, so still for sale
  5. WTS: 2018 wireless charger

    pending sale right now but will let you know if it falls through. it's the module only.
  6. i have an extra 2018 module for sale. its in classifieds but figured id post here too. PM me if interested.
  7. WTS: 2018 wireless charger

    2018 wireless charging module. first $100 shipped anywhere in US.
  8. if theres a powdercoat that will match go that route. it'll be far more durable than paint
  9. the replacement condenser on my 2014 has that.
  10. ended up changing them at 60K. Fronts were screaming. Probably could've got another 5k out of them but the noise was pretty embarrassing. Should've done all 4 at once but im stupid so im doing the backs this weekend. I expect them to have a bit more life than the fronts did.
  11. GMC Drops Awesome New 2019 Sierra AT4 Premium Off-Roader

    yea you right. you got me, i don't know how to internet. wheres my drool cup your logic sucks!
  12. GMC Drops Awesome New 2019 Sierra AT4 Premium Off-Roader

    you sir need to take a lap and think about what you've said. just because you said it twice doesn't mean its true. search the 1/4 profile... it comes up with all gmc... search other various sierra or silverado pics, it comes up with other sierras and silverados. it must actually be rocket science i guess
  13. GMC Drops Awesome New 2019 Sierra AT4 Premium Off-Roader

    then why is it that when search for other images that the Ferds done pop up?!?!!? enlighten me rocket scientist smh

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