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  1. i did the same as 8 lug. Just free handed it. might be a good idea to put painters tape on there so you can have a more defined guide. Just take it slow and sand out any imperfections.
  2. Finally got around to trimming the front valance. Did it on the truck to keep it stiffer. Did one side with a dremel the other with a sharp razor blade. I recommend the latter, just go slow, follow the line that's already there and make multiple follow up cuts. Again go slow so you don't fall out of the original cut / score line.
  3. 22 inch GM wheels and tires

    pm sent
  4. leasing right now for $199 per. Look at trading in early, no reason a dealer can't make it happen.
  5. 22 inch GM wheels and tires

  6. What LEDs are everyone using for rear brake and turn signals? I want to tint my tail lights but want to up the light output first.
  7. i knew this was going to be an issue going in. so twice a year i crawl under there and hit the frame with a can of rust conversion paint.
  8. mines new too just not sure if it's the old design or new one. then the "patch" is a whole other level of confusion
  9. does anyone have a good picture of the re-designed condenser? did those who have got the fix have a (about) 4 inch by 4 inch reflective patch in the top right corner of the condenser?

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