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  1. Well if the Airaid filter is letting in more air then that means the engine needs more fuel. I would keep the MIT and put a stock filter back in. It will feel the same.
  2. Ford Finally did it...

    I used to work at a dealer that had all domestic except GMC. It seemed like there wasn't much difference between the Ford trims. You also seemed to have to get an upper trim to get something available in a mid trim of a GM or Dodge. I guess the only good thing about that is that it's easier to not have to pay for a bunch of features that you don't want just to get a feature you do want. Also you seem to get more for what you pay for with a GM or Dodge. I remember both an F250 Platinum selling for the same as a High Country 3500 Dually.
  3. Ford Finally did it...

    He's talking about that big step that slides out of the tailgate and the big ass pole that folds up as a grab bar. I think GM's corner steps in the bumper are way better. A lot more simple and can be used with the tailgate up or down. With Ford's setup the tailgate has to be down. I normally climb into the bed with the tailgate up. Also I could care less about an automatic tailgate drop. Just one more thing to mess up. They're already light, doesn't need to have an auto open like a lift gate on an SUV.
  4. Ford Finally did it...

    The only thing I think is ugly on them is the headlights. I've seen a lot worse. I think a trucks look better blocky than with a lot of curves and things rounded. Which is why I prefer the '14-'15 Silverado over the '16+. Also the reason I like the Silverado over the Sierra in most cases, while in other cases I like both almost the same.
  5. Not sure since it's older, but being a commercial truck there's a possibility that it's supposed to take fuel from both at the same time like commercial trucks normally do. If not then it should be a manual switch which at least in the pickups are on the dash.
  6. Being that it was just a squeak I wouldn't jump to the conclusion that they're worn out. I've had brand new brakes squeal when wet or in warm weather and I'm sure other times. Now if it's a metal to metal sound then ya they're probably gone. If I were you I would pull the wheels off and just inspect them. I've read plenty on here that it seems like the factory brakes on the K2 1/2 tons seem to last over 100K miles.
  7. Ford Finally did it...

    Ya you can make money with the F450, but I'd rather spend that 100K on a new Corvette Z06. If I needed a truck that was inbetween a pickup and commercial truck, then I could still get the 450 or 550 without paying nearly that much by just getting a mid level trim. The problem is that it seems like if you want options on a mid trim truck of another brand you have to get a higher trim level with Ford.
  8. Ford Finally did it...

    Well we are talking about Ford people and I'm sure the only ones that would pay close to that are Ford fanboys. This is a different situation, but I do remember that when the gen 5 Camaro came out, people paid sticker for them with no problem for the first year or so. Also it basically says if you get every option on the highest trim, plus the taxes and fees if you pay sticker it can get to 100K. But, not really all that surprised since a new Cadi Escalade can cost as much before incentives. At least it's the F450 though, so basically a 1 ton dually on steroids. The most I cared to pay for a new truck was my '14 LT which was well equip, but not fully loaded which it had the stuff I liked and didn't have stuff I don't like. That ended up being in the mid 30s. I also don't think I would buy brand new anymore. The only vehicle brand new I'd buy is a Harley and that's because they hold their value so not too worried about losing too much if I had to resale it. Of course I've never bought a truck thinking of resale value, but I'd rather just get used that's less than 5 years old and let the other person lose money by buying it new and the value drop as soon as they drive it away.
  9. Without trying to get scientific, I think it's just demand. I personally like a lot of sidewall, but most seem to want as big of a rim as they can afford no matter how much sidewall they will have. My '83 isn't lifted, but I'm fine with the 16s that are on it and if I lift it I will try to keep the same rims or keep the same diameter at least. The '14 I used to have had 18s with factory tires and that's the least amount of sidewall I would want. It seems like you either have 15s or 20+. Just seems like it's not as much out there from 16 up to 18 from what I've seen.
  10. Dealer might give the option.

    So they need to know how long everything last? It's also kind of funny how people complain about someone trying to sell more parts and services, but you're complaining about the opposite, that they didn't try to sell you more work that didn't need to be done. I agree with the above post, go to a tire shop. I wouldn't pay a dime out of my own money to the service department at a dealer. It's ironic that people call them stealerships, yet they still go to them. I can understand that after 9 years you just wanted to be safe about it, but why get mad at the dealer for not telling you that you should change them? Do you think they need to tell you how much longer the engine will last after an oil change? Next time you go have something done to it, make sure to get mad at them for not telling you how long each component of the truck will last.
  11. Antenna thread size?

    What you could do is go anywhere that has the setup for seeing what thread a nut or bolt is, walk in there with the antenna and try it until you find the right one. I know Lowe's and Tractor Supply are 2 places I know that has them setup by the fasteners. I know you may get a stare or 2 walking into the store with the antenna off your truck, but if it works it works lol.
  12. I know the leafs on my '14 made noise. But, with the exhaust I had plus playing music I never heard it other than when I didn't have music on and before I had the exhaust done. Also I'm sure it's worse when the bed is empty so the toolbox with hundreds of lbs in it probably dampened the spring so it didn't do it as bad.
  13. Well the 2nd link is talking about the Vortec, the '14+ 5.3s are called Ecotech3 So the ones you see in the mid 9s:1 compression are probably talking about the pre '14 5.3, from '99 up to '13. The Ecotech3s are a new design. So not all 5.3s are the same. Same as the Vortec 350 that was in my '98 isn't the same as my carbed 350 in my '83.
  14. I'm not sure if all gas station companies do this, but I saw where a tanker truck driver said that mid grade fuel is just from mixing premium with regular. So to me that makes me think that it may not be the perfect mix every time, meaning not perfectly 50/50. So sometimes you may actually get more premium than regular and other times vise versa. When I had my '14 I started out with 87 and tried 89 up until selling it. I honestly didn't feel any difference. I know it's supposedly fix the tick, but I don't remember 89 doing anything. Seemed to me it just cost about 20 cent more for no advantage. I tried to be positive at first, but I think it was more or less that placebo effect and after a few fill ups with 89 I noticed there wasn't really any difference. I also always go to a big name station, no mom and pop store unless I absolutely had to. Maybe the info I've read is wrong, but I saw that the 5.3 is 11:1 compression.
  15. I don't know then. But, that RPM drop when you let go of the throttle could be the engine brake.

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