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  1. Can you elaborate on the "performance balance?" I have the same tires (XL rated). Could only get the road force balance down to 16 & 19 lbs. on two of the tires and it is evident at highway speeds.
  2. My owner's manual says rear to front, then cross fronts going to the rear, so that's what I do. Tire Rack and others say the same. On the wife's front wheel drive, its the same idea. Drive tires stay on the same side and the other axle gets switched when it goes to the drive axle.
  3. I thought the same thing... then I realized that the reason the full part number wan't listed was because they are only taking preorders now. They mentioned in their blog on January 3 that since Bilstein released the Tahoe/Yukon versions that they expect the pickup 6112's to be available soon. Still waiting.
  4. Glad you were able to solve your problem. Did the new isolator raise or lower the exhaust? I have the side exit Borla and the outlets sit lower than I like.
  5. Thanks for the info! I just ordered a set of 4. I have a set of 1/2" slip on spacers on my front now but have been wanting bolt on spacers. I knew 1.25" would fit but would rather not push them out quite so far. This looks just right - subtle but noticeable.
  6. I've seen them listed as available within the last few days so they must be out finally.
  7. One time while I was jump starting a tractor from my truck my radio shot to full volume and kept returning to full volume immediately after I turned it down. Restarting the truck didn't help. Disconnecting the battery fixed it. I attributed it to the voltage being thrown off when I was connecting or disconnecting the jumper cables.
  8. I thought mine rode fairly rough for the first few thousand miles, and then it seemed to settle to near stock ride quality. Been great for 30K miles now.
  9. I have had this happen a few times right after start up. I noticed that I got a ding at every gear change (8 speed). I think there may have also been dings from hitting the radio or a/c controls, but its been so long that I can't say for sure. It would quit dinging in less than a minute.
  10. I had my truck in a couple days ago for the airbag recall and they told me there was also a recall for 4 HI possibly getting locked in or out, can't remember which. It was the first I had heard of it as well. Said all they did was reprogram the 4x4 module. I hadn't experienced any problems but I can count on 1 hand the number of times I have used 4 HI. Haven't noticed any problems switching between auto and 2 HI.
  11. Sigh... That's a beautiful pic. Reminds me of my old Indigo Blue Metallic. Sure miss that color.
  12. Also the flex fuel option is not available on 5.3 trucks with the 8 speed trans.
  13. After 15 years in the same truck, I am going to pick up a new Sierra Monday afternoon. I have been trying to get a private offer for weeks now but have had no luck getting a pop up, just "request a quote." If anyone can help me out, let me know!

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