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  1. Ford Finally did it...

    Looks are subjective but Ford continues to raise the bar on trucks . I'm not the biggest Ford fan but numbers are numbers. When your selling an average of 70-80k F series a month , your doing something right. Their interiors blow the GM's interiors away . ( heck the RAM has nicer interior then GM) More tech / more cameras / a bunch of other things the GM does not have , that the ford Does . The auto tailgate, the flat floor interior, the damn rear vents in the back ( lol @ gm) , adaptive cruise and few other things im missing. Now granted the GM is also cheaper in price but end of Day , it just seems like Ford invests more into their trucks , in return they sell about 800-900k trucks a year. A nice investment . and so I dont see any problems with Ford selling this $95k truck. People are buying Raptors for 10-15k over sticker ( stupid people) but point is they sell them like your mother apple pie. Ill take the GM exterior Looks and the GM 6.2 , but with the Ford or Ram interior.
  2. Yep same here, once I took out the RC 2.5 level , my 2014 Sierra stopped clicking. My 2016 Sierra with 1.5 level does not click . Had the level on now for 15k , The clicking is because the truck has been modified. IMO
  3. My 14 6 speed did this and my 16 8 speed does this too . Sadly its normal I guess. Heck my 09 SIerra would clunk too .
  4. going to try this lube thing suggested above. I have a 1.5 level in front but have a feeling GM will blame it on that so I hope it can fix it . For me it happened just the past 2 months. I never tow but 1-2 times a week , I move about 1800 lbs of payload. who knows anymore man. I love my truck, love the way it looks , I love the 6.2 but some of the other issues have really started taking its toll on me.
  5. its called a discussion forums. You know where we discuss different things ? Thanks for the Vid OP,
  6. plus the STB bed W crew cab is much nicer imo . All that truck and a small bed looks out of place to me
  7. When it comes to interiors , GM just needs help. Great looking trucks , the 6.2 holds its own and then some and then you get inside and it's like ehh. Not even talking about the lack of rear seat amenities , the interior is just bland to me on the gm. Compared to the ram and the ford. Just my opinion
  8. 6.2L

    Guys there is about a second difference in quarter mile between the 2. It's not close. The 5.3 although very solid is really just dated now vs all the other 5 liter v8 when it comes to power.
  9. Do u have level or lift ? Any chance dealer could blame that a.
  10. It does sound like the leafs actually. Today I was very gently leaning pushing kicking the leaf springs and heard the clunking, knocking. Question is does my 1' level have anything to do with this ?
  11. My 2017 Denali 2500 HD Build

    Damn that's nice mate
  12. I know for sure I rub sway bar at full tilt but the thumping seems to still be there without being fully turned. I have to check it out under the truck now. Thanks for idea though
  13. No its for sure not the steering wheel clicking. My 14 had that , so I'm well versed in what that sounds like. Sounds like maybe from rear end ?

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