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  1. i dont think GM cares all that much about HD thats not Duramax.
  2. Anyone know of a ball park wight estimate difference between GM's 18's 20's and 22's wheels/tires combined? ( factory tires) Only thing I was able to find is that 20's wheels/tires should be around 90 lbs. Thanks gentleGM's
  3. My 16 does it as well. Normal stuff. Atleast that’s what gm will tell you
  4. Just as trucks are important to gm , the suvs are just as important. Recent tests power/ towing/accelation tests have put the 5.3 last in every category. They also lack that real 3rd row. I’m willing to bet gm knows this and is working on a overall better suv for 2020
  5. Same bed sizes as prior years. This is a simple mistake. Some of you really think they are smaller the. Tahoe’s ? Obvious misprint
  6. 2500Hd Rumors

    6.0 is last in hp and last in tq. And last in towing in its class. Look it up pick up trucks did an extensive test and 6.0 was well a dinosaur. Yes I know it’s a rock and reliable but after 18 years it’s time for something new. I know some grizzly and some others will disagree but it’s ancient
  7. The real people not actors bs had to go. It’s like the butt of jokes and it’s old already. We get it , real people go go gaga over the car and can’t believe it’s a Chevy. Gm copied ford and Toyota on these real people commercials years ago
  8. 2019 Dimensions

    F’n excited man. Please 400/400 on the 5.3 so it cam conpete with the other 5 liter trucks in th segment. And a nice 20/20 bump for the 6.2 puts us over the torque of the EGOboost. its not a home run but I’m excited. Gm did some serious homework. Im also hoping the new tahoe Yukon SUV’s get nice updates too.
  9. I see you my man! Big daddy snow flake calling others snow flake. Lol By by the way aluminum or steel , any truck would have been the same result.
  10. Dude don’t be dumb. Please don’t. Your losing money and what if something goes wrong with the dirty max ? Pre 2011 ...hmmm. Zero warranty.
  11. lol, yeah thats bad . i was thinking same thing
  12. My thoughts exactly. Chevy is cheap and heavy , its like a rock . GMC is professinal grade. Its like a Boss , like a pro. While the chevy is just a chevy Did i miss anything ?
  13. MB interiors are always the best.
  14. I still like the changes GM made on their new 19 trucks, hoping all motors get power bump too. Otherwise dont kid your self , interiors arent GM's strong hand. Also the 2020 Full SIze SUV's need to go to IRS or something that gives you more 3rd row leg room.

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