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  1. It's not going to be your injectors. It sounds like a fuel pressure.pump issue. DEWFPO
  2. Did you have the HVAC in the defroster setting? Where under the truck were the puddles? DEWFPO
  3. Yes, it should definitely have the ATF temp gauge on the left side of the cluster. It sounds like yours has been replaced with an incorrect unit. DEWFPO
  4. Do you have the ability to get the OBDII codes read? DEWFPO
  5. Mice can get thru ½ inch openings. ¼ inch would probably work. DEWFPO
  6. I just 'recycled' another one this morning. I found where they were coming in and rather than seal it up, I've placed several traps to catch the whole lot of them and I'm up to twelve so far. I'll seal the hole up for winter. If I seal the hole up now, they'll just find another way in. DEWFPO
  7. The airbox is a mouse's favorite nesting spot. BTDT too many times. DEWFPO
  8. Disconnect the atf inflow line to your trans (and put a hose on it into a pan) and have someone start it for just 5 seconds. You can then eyeball the flow coming out of the coolers and back into your trans to see if you have good flow, low flow or no flow. Does the gauge and your temp gun come close when you compare them? 220F is not normal but it's not going to kill your atf either. If it gets to 240-250 then I would worry some. You said you 'tried' flushing the coolers. Did you get good flow thru them? DEWFPO
  9. Have you checked out the dash gauge to see if it's reading accurately? Did this problem start all of a sudden or have the temps been climbing up over time? What temps are you seeing? DEWFPO
  10. Do you really want your 17 year old to have a 8.1L? That's a lot of power for a 17 year old, not to mention 10 mpg. DEWFPO
  11. I realize there's no check engine light, but do you have the ability to read any DTC's stored in the ECM, or stop by an auto parts store, most all will read them for free. DEWFPO
  12. The rear discs should not be hotter then the front. It sounds like your brake proportioning valve is not working properly (if your vehicle has one). DEWFPO
  13. You don't want to mess with permanently removing heat shields. They serve a very important purpose. DEWFPO
  14. If they're the power extending tow mirrors and the power extend doesn't work I found that if they aren't moved very often they stop working but if I play with the button for 15 or 20 times in a row it will eventually resume operation. It's almost like without use, some corrosion or something builds up then playing with the switch removes it and they start working again. DEWFPO
  15. The ones I have are the factory horizontal extendible units. DEWPFO

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