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  1. Yes, and it presents no issues. I've been running this way for 2 years. In fact, I've had multiple people stop me to ask how I got my cargo light to come on in reverse because the added light adds to visibility when backing up at night.
  2. I personally hate driving vehicles without tint, so I'm a little more sympathetic to your cause than some of the judges in here. :-) These days I only go just barely darker than legal, but back in the day I would go full limo on everything. Go to your local car audio shop and ask around where the customizers go to get inspected. They'll know where they 'overlook' tint.
  3. I did this and added my own charger to the armrest of my 14 using someone's guide on here. It works just fine. Yes, it's slower than plugging in, but all wireless charging is slower than plugging in. I had at the time, a Note 3 and it worked great. I've since gotten a Note 5 with built-in wireless charging and it also works great. Slow, but fast enough that I can turn on my navigation with screen on all the time, and stream music simultaneously, and the phone either charges or never drops below the percentage it was at when I started. The card I bought looked similar to what you linked to from amazon. I say go for it. Worst case scenario is you're out the money for the card. Small risk.
  4. Anyone else have trouble finding the Fram Fresh Breeze filter for our truck? (Model #: CF11809) I've searched every dealer location the Fram website in my area and none have it. I've looked on Amazon, and only 1 seller there has it, and it's a 'brand new seller' fresh out of Japan. (Very suspect!) Getting really frustrated with this...
  5. My chrome Denali wheels have that same bubbling around the valve stems.
  6. MPG after the upgrades? Are you happy you did it? Your setup looks perfect to me.
  7. Can you explain more on the topic of towing and the lack of clearance getting you in trouble?
  8. Sorry I cannot find it. I found it posted on the forum here before but can't seem to find it now. Has to do with seals and replacement door pins and re-alignment of the doors.
  9. There is a TSB on door seals and door alignment that could be the solution to that, but I don't believe it has anything to do with a level.
  10. While it hurts me to say so, because I really wanted to stuff the biggest tire I could get into my wheel wells, this makes so much sense. And a tire that is 1" taller is only going to add 1/2" of ground clearance. I was set on Duratracs 275/65/20 but the fear of the rougher ride and MPG hit were holding me back. Now I'm 99.5% certain 275/60/20 are the ticket. I just pulled out a ruler and truly looked at the difference and don't think there is a person alive that could see the difference unless the two sizes were placed next to each other. But I'll bet I'd be able to feel the extra 11lbs on each corner!
  11. Hey Jaws, what dealership do you work at? Do they fairly work on leveled/lifted trucks, or are they like mine and blame every issue on 'non-factory' parts?
  12. I doubt most people think the dealership employees themselves are that bad. In fact, probably a majority know more about our trucks than most of us. It's the outrageous prices that defines and justifies the 'stealership' monicker. I don't know how you can deny that. I've never found a dealership even slightly competitive on service prices. The service manager at my dealership told me it kills him to have to charge what they do, but a lot of costs/expenses are out of his control. (assuming he was being honest with me)

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