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  1. Ask him if he’s heard of the new technology called “ stretch belts “
  2. I had a vibration and whine in my 2014 Denali when it was new. The dealer wanted to replace just the ring and pinion because they found that there was a manufacturing defect in some of them. After many discussions, they opted to put in a complete new differential, wheel to wheel. Vibration and whine completely gone. Good luck
  3. I also had wind noise on the drivers side of my 2014 Sierra. After doing a lot of experimenting I found that the plastic body strip that runs from the top of the windshield to the back of the cab was loose at the leading edge by the windshield. I lifted the first foot of it, put some black silicone under it, and let it sit overnight. I have not heard the noise since. This is the second truck I did this to for hard to find wind noise. Hope this helps.
  4. According the manual , my truck has 9012 headlight bulbs in it. Is there some thing different available? Thanks

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