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  1. He is right about the wind resistance I have pulled a tt at 6500# and a trailer with a tractor about 6500# completely different towing experiences that big box of a camper IMO can easily shave of 1000 pounds of towing capabilities again IMO any TT over 7000# should be pulled with a 2500 now as far as gooseneck and bumper pull if properly loaded i would say max it out
  2. Towing a gooseneck with a 1500

    Ok thanks I'll have to fine one and look at the spings on them I have a add a leaf I'm sure it helps some but probably not as much as the stock ones would I probably will still get a gooseneck I will be within the gcwr but just in the edge of the trucks gvwr and was wondering how they get a greater weight rating for them but looks like it's just in the springs
  3. Towing a gooseneck with a 1500

    Ok so the only real difference is the heavy duty springs I have a 9.76 axle dose anyone have the NHT or know of one to actually look at them I wanna see the difference and if there is would they bolt up to my truck ?
  4. Towing a gooseneck with a 1500

    Does any one know what what the exact difference is in the z71 and NHT packages are I know the gearing and shocks are different and has an added trans cooler but are the leaf springs different to and is there anything else that I did not mention? Just wondering where there are getting the extra towing capacity from just more gear or stiffer springs
  5. Will Canada's GM Strike Backfire Big Time?

    Why want GM just bring jobs back to the US instead of Canada or Mexico. Lower costs lower quality. Make America great again
  6. Towing a gooseneck with a 1500

    I went and looked at some goosenecks today and the wheels sit really far back so I really think that's going to put most of the tractors weight on the truck and that would be way to much so I was thinking about just getting a weight distribution hitch to get me by for now Maybe buy another trailer down the road but don't think it will be a gooseneck just a more heavy duty one
  7. Towing a gooseneck with a 1500

    If one were to blow and not the other wouldn't it still cause a major problem with say 1200# on the tongue ?
  8. Towing a gooseneck with a 1500

    would I have to get a compressor to regulate the pressure or just set them and forget them. Have you ever used them
  9. Towing a gooseneck with a 1500

    Well I lost a bearing and break on the way home I think the break must of stuck on Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Still not the best I can do but still not bad. So with the size difference I went 339.3 at 19.5 gallons equals 17.4 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Towing a gooseneck with a 1500

    I have breaks on both axils of the trailer they work pretty good only have them turned up to 6.5 volts on the controler with the sensitivity turned up
  12. Towing a gooseneck with a 1500

    This is the trailer I'm looking at it's one of the lightest goosenecks they sell and with a 14 k GVWR it should be plenty for what I have with some to grow a double wheel would be to much for my truck far as weight I pulled it about 60 MPH up here for about 120 miles did not have any sway issues but the trailer is still maxed out so I will be getting a trailer just not sure what yet I was wanting to go with a gooseneck just to eliminate the sway not sure if a beefy bumper pull would fix the sway Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Towing a gooseneck with a 1500

    it does come off but don't really wanna man handle it and I had the bed full
  14. Towing a gooseneck with a 1500

    police are no worries unless it's the DOT but I doubt they will bother me every one does that around here I did not buy it as a combo but they are sold that way with a 18' trailer and they all over hang
  15. Towing a gooseneck with a 1500

    I thought about that but I have to make some sharp turns and I think it will hit the truck

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