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  1. Fyi, if anyone with with the newer front end would like the painted fender trim, the 2014-2015 painted fender trim will fit with slight modification. You have to trim 1.5" off the front and all mounting holes will line up. I just finished doing this
  2. 2014/2015/2016/2017 Window Trim Trade

    Sub* if i buy the new one ill trade u *nvm, didn't see the required area
  3. MY 14 was not the one I initially wanted. i went in for a white all terrain with sunroof, left with a black all terrain and no sunroof lol. I Only purchased it bc of the heavy discount my brother got me. The fact that this truck is a white all terrain with sunroof, the odometer is getting close to the 80k mileage mark and some regular maintenance stuff are some of the reasons why I'm leaning towards a new truck. My thoughts are that i will always keep my vehicles for a long time, i know my wife hopes so lol, but it never seems to happen. maybe with this one if I buy it. thanks
  4. Good point. Other then this sierra, I havnt had much luck buying first gen remodels, so I would wait. idk if I can wait bc my brother will be leaving the dealership. thanks
  5. By no means am i super wealthy lol. i look at my truck as cost of living. Fortunately, my truck payment and mortgage is my only debt. Thanks for the input
  6. I currently have a 2014 all terrain sierra @ 0% financing with 4 years left on payments. My brother can get me a 2017 all terrain @ 0% financing again and $13k off, just like my current truck. Money is not an issue, my concern is that the 2017 may have flaws that I am not aware of. Any thoughts would be appreciated. The new truck has a power sunroof, power rear window, 8 speed transmission, and led lights. Those are the only features different from my current truck, for a $20 difference in monthly payments.
  7. I tried to resist, but i cant........... The light bar is crooked lol Last time i was under my truck, i remember seeing maybe 4 bumper braces with 10mm bolts. I would also suspect some type of bolt or screw in each corner of the bumper going upward into the fender for alignment purposes.
  8. Do you know how to use a multimeter? If you do you can determine if it is a bad start element of module. There are 2 black 2-pin plugs under the seat with a red and black wire in it. Test the red wire for 12 volts when the switch is on. Looking from the back seat, the seat element plug is attached to the console middle side and the back element is on the drivers side back. I would take pictures, but it's snowing here
  9. Do you have the center console? Use both cigarette lighter plugs? Take one apart and mount a standard round pico switch in there. You can also retain the factory cover
  10. the jammer is made by escort and is called the 9500ci. I install these units at my work
  11. 6 years without a ticket..... Knock on wood lol
  12. Just curious why you didnt mount the smart cord comtroller in the little pocket below?

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