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  1. When I bought my 2014 Sierra, I thought my owner's manual and warranty packets were in a nice booklet pouch. You know, something better than the ziplock bag I got when I bought my 17 Silverado. Does GM not do that anymore or was my dealer just being cheap?
  2. My 17 LT has one in the glove box, and 2 in the center seat box, but I don't have the full length console.
  3. I just deleted apple's music app. If nothing else, I freed up a lot of space on my phone when it deleted 3000+ songs I had stored. We'll see if it worked later.
  4. I searched the Apple site and similar techie sites but cant find the answer. When I bring my iPhone 6 into my 17 Silverado, Apple music starts to play. I can see the lower banner on the phone, but the app is not open when I double click the home button. I have to open the app to close it and start Pandora or another source of music. I use Pandora most of the time, so I'd like for it to open instead of "music". Anybody else had this problem?
  5. Just completed a 4000 mile trip and averaged 24.* Lifetime average is 21.1, but I haven't towed yet in the 6300 miles.
  6. My 17 Silverado LT starts up in whatever mode I shut it off in. "Normal"
  7. Does anyone know how to make the iphone not ring when connected to the vehicle. It is very distracting to hear the phone ring in my pocket while it is ringing through the truck speakers, especially when the timing is off. sounds like an echo.
  8. I can see the next recall.....negative battery cable locktite
  9. I waited about a week to post a final report. All is well with the electrical system. Several short trips, bumpy roads and a highway trip later and still flawless. Still love my Sierra.
  10. I like all the electrical doodads, but it scares me how high-tech we have become. I would have been ok with power doors and windows. Haha
  11. Dealer called to say they found my negative battery terminal loose. I've owned it 13 months and put 10,000 miles on it. Only been in for A/C hose shrader valve replacement in that time. I've never touched battery. At least they aren't charging me. Hope they are right.
  12. Update: It is at the dealer today. Hopefully they don't tell me they couldn't find anything wrong. As we called it a "CND" in the Air Force. "Could not Duplicate malfunction". Pilots hated that, and I know why.
  13. An update: I had no further problems so I delayed making an appointment, until this past weekend. On 3 occasions my engine died while shifting out of park. 1 time the intellilink blanked until I touched some buttons. I now have made an appointment at my dealer, but I am wondering if anyone else has had a similar issue that we can trade notes about.
  14. The situation with our Sierras was little to no side visibility. Stock headlights put a focused beam down the road. The new German bulbs GM gave us helped the side vision very much. BCM reprogramming also made them brighter due to more voltage. Downfall is many other drivers think my high beams are on and flash me until I show them what the high beam flap reveals.

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