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  1. FS: CK156 20" replicas with Good-year SRAs

    Remove the tires and look inside. Had the same exact issue with a family members new tires wouldn't balance. Removed the new tire after it wouldn't balance And a tech forgot to remove the temporary metal band that holds the Tpms in place while you mount the tire? I'm not 100% sure what went down lol but that could be the issue.
  2. Factory 20" All Terrain rims and tires

    Hey that's my truck lol.
  3. I got the organizer tray too. Love it. I just wanted a subtle small red led to wire that faces down into the huge hole
  4. Not inside the console under the lid. In the large cubby hole in front of cup holders
  5. I have a 16 sierra with the center console and at night I feel like I'm always fumbling around to grab whatever's in there. I know there is a dim LED that shines down on it from the headliner but it's too dim and pressing the main dome light is simply too hard for my frail fingers. Lol So has anyone installed some type of matching red LED in the console hole to keep it illuminated but classy. Not looking for bright, ricey floor lighting here.
  6. I've had my bed sport bar on for a couple months now. I really like it. I have noticed the rattle up top but yeah it can easily be fixed as stated earlier. The way it bolts up you can tell it is definitely just for decoration. You can tell by the weight of it alone. But I am super impressed with the quality of it and the finish. Still putting off buying a bed cover to accommodate the bar but it has been done and several covers will work. I also don't notice much of a blind spot because the rear headrests are usually there anyway and the tint doesn't help anyway. Never relied on that view out of the back windows anyway.
  7. Will someone tell me if this will work on a 2016 Sierra! We're all dying to know if it will work in the 2014-2016 and why wouldn't it!?
  8. Thanks but the price seems too high for such a simple thing. I'll keep it in mind
  9. Wanted: Black Window Trim for my 2016 Double Cab Sierra. Will trade my chrome if you want.
  10. I did go ahead and remove the trim and it came off. it fought me of course but I got all the adhesive off and i am super happy with the chrome trim being gone
  11. Looking for 2016 Sierra Black window trim / handles

    I saw some black handles on eBay I believe
  12. WANTED: Badges

    Off my 2016 Sierra I have the tailgate "SIERRA" letters. Also all the chrome door molding for double cab except for driver front door.
  13. I have a 2016 summit white All Terrain package and it came with the chrome door molding. When I remove the door trim will it leave any type of "ghost molding" as I have read about in a previous forum? I want to remove the molding and leave it off.

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