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  1. Was heading back to jackson yesterday when i was passing someone on 49 and had an extremely harsh shift. CEL came on, remote start doesn't work anymore, everything else seems to be fine. I gotta take it in to let them look at it, but has anyone had something similar happen to them? Is there a way for me to look at the codes to see what the error is?
  2. Pretty sure the 6112s are the same height as the 5100s. 1.8" If you're wanting more with a an actual shock lift i'd honestly just skip the 6112s and go grab some kings. You're nearly there in price anyway. And you can have anywhere from 0-2.5" of lift, at the expense of rid quality of course, but it would be level.
  3. I'd delete the resonator. I love how mine sounds warm start but it's hardly noticeable during daily driving, and mildly noticeable when you stomp it. I want it a little more loud with more growl. Res delete seems to do that. I'd only delete the flapper if you're going to disable AFM.
  4. I was gonna go with blackbear but actually have a guy who does custom tunes down the road. So i'm going to let him do it, but yes a tune will be required to get rid of the CEL.
  5. Rawyzf's 2015 Silverado Z71 Build

    For what?!?!?
  6. That's not to discount from the tire though. It's a phenomenal tire, just have to run it low which i do. I could get better MPG if i ran 40+ PSI but i wont do it. Rides worse and the shoulder lugs don't make contact very well in mud/dirt. Lets be frank these trucks are in dire need of a tune from the moment they get off the production floor. GM tunes them like they're catering to 75 year olds nearing retirement. Once you free up the power a little with a tune and maybe some bolt-ons, MPG is not that bad. I say this on the basis of my cousin running his 295/70r17 Toyo MTs in his BB tuned 09 vortec and has bested me in mpg before i even got my RTs. The other side is just that Toyo builds a tough heavy tire. I knew that going in, there is a reason Toyo is usually first in ratings for tread wear warranty, that comes with a price. Lastly moving from a 31" tire to a 33.5" tire especially with more aggressive tread, which is literally anything. The SR-A these trucks come with is the most useless truck tire i've come across. It's just a compromise really. Don't get me wrong i wish i got better MPG at times, but i like i've said several times in this thread. I'm driving a 5000lb+ 4WD truck just 1/2 an inch away from 34" tires with decent ground clearance, it ain't gonna happen. And that ladies and gentlemen is how i justified the need for headers and the want for a cam...lol
  7. FWIW the Titan and Tundras for that matter are absolute guzzlers. Even the recently reviewed 5.0 cummins wasn't doing that well for the Titan. I see a lot of people that love their titans just like the tundra owners but comment on it guzzling gas. It comes something like this "I loved that truck, it would pull like a monster, but i got 11.5mpg in town and 14mpg on the highway."
  8. Running premium or pure gas? Or just regular unleaded? Any decent all terrain or decent tire for that matter are much heavier than the SR-As i was just singling Toyo out because 295/70/17s across the board in the RT/MT are nearly 70lbs or so, at 68lbs for 295/70r17 and 64lbs for 285/70r17. Maybe mine just likes fuel. Air dam removed?
  9. That's still pretty good numbers. I take the long way home after work so i can see my MPG break 14 lol. Maybe toyos ares just too damn heavy. With 3:42s of course. Bronco is yours tuned? That's my next step is headers and then tune.
  10. He's approaching 7 but still looking young and heathy at 92lbs. I would take him everywhere but he exits right above the gas tank and slides all the way down. Coupled with his claws it's big scratches.
  11. What i thought was particularly interesting, was that the SVT raptor shocks are really not all they're talked up to be, least the rears. I think Ben stated specifically he thought Ford just banked on the fact that 99% of the guys buying raptors will be on the pavement most of the time and off roading a little. @ 13:50 on the king shock video.
  12. I want to grab an old silverado or sierra and gut it and build ground up for a long travel race truck. Mind the music its NSFW, or if you just don't like rap (admittedly i'm not the biggest fan) that withstanding the truck is amazing. Here's another one that i can't seem to get embedded. @ramseyackad #LS3Runner #dirtalliance A post shared by Dirt Alliance (@dirt_alliance) on Apr 10, 2017 at 6:57am PDT
  13. Might be in the wrong section also if so, mods feel free to move. Thought these were some great videos albeit lengthy, that would answer a lot of questions myself and others have had about suspension, ride quality, mid travel/long travel kits, and why coilovers.
  14. Ryan has. http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/171035-rawyzfs-2015-silverado-z71-build/page-1 I've got mine sitting in my room, should be putting them on in a couple of weeks. Sooner if the damn state would give me my tax return within 90 days but apparently that's just asking too much. The welds are rather "meh" even from someone as inept as myself on welding it doesn't look good when you've been staring at professional tig welding fabs for days on end reading about prerunners in the last month. That said, as long as they don't leak i don't think i'll care. I couldn't justify 1300$ for pipes. Especially when that will get me Kings.

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