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  1. Replace one or both leaf springs?

    If by inserts you mean the round insulator pads, then yes.
  2. I took my 2014 Silverado with nearly 36k on it to the dealer again for noise in the leaf springs or shackles. They determined they will need to replace the driver side leaf spring. Of course they don't want to "spring" for replacing the passenger side to match. Question is, should I man up and pay for the passenger side? Is it "standard practice" to replace the pair? If this wasn't a warranty (just barely) repair, would the dealership recommend replacing both? Thanks in advance!
  3. When the fuel pump was goin out, did you notice any noises? A whining noise? I'm trying to diagnose some noises and poor performance I've been having. Thanks!
  4. 2014+ stock air intake

    Do you still have your stock intake? I am really only in need of the air box, if you are willing to sell just that part. Thanks!
  5. WTB: Range AFM Disabler for 2014 1500

    Any Range AFM Disablers for sale out there?

    Still available? Did you have any issues with it? Do you mind me asking why you decided not to use it? -Lewis
  7. WTB: Range AFM Disabler for 2014 1500

    Thanks! I've been on the fence, but decided if I found a good deal on one I could always sell it later. We'll see what happens....
  8. I am selling the front and rear door trim panels from my 2014 Silverado. They are the "Grand Momiji" woodgrain pattern and the rears are for a double cab. They are all in like new condition, with the exception of some of the tabs on the rear trim pieces (see last photo). Portions of the tabs circled in red are broken. Using an expanding adhesive like gorilla glue would easily hold these in place when installing. I will accept local pick up or ship from 27604 for $110 Thanks! Lewis
  9. WTB front lower valance - 14 silverado-

    I have the air dam from my 2014 if you are still looking.
  10. WTB/ 2014 silverado valance

    I have one off my 2014 that was removed with about 3k on it. Looks next to new. PM me if you are still looking. -Lewis
  11. I am looking for a Range AFM Disabler for my 2014. Hopefully it will have the latest programming for the new generation trucks. I'm located in Raleigh, NC 27604. Reply here or PM is fine. Thanks! -Lewis
  12. Air intake

    I have already replaced my filter, but I would be interested in just the MIT if you will sell separately.

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